Empowering you to create the home you've always dreamed of

Transforming houses into homes, and novice DIYers into pros – that's what goes on 'Within the Grove'.

At 'Within the Grove', we believe your home should be an oasis of comfort and personal style. That's why we provide step-by-step, easy-to-follow DIY projects that help you transform your living spaces. We offer a blend of interior and exterior DIY projects, ensuring you can love every inch of your home, inside and out.

Creating Homes, Cultivating Confidence

As a former kindergarten and first-grade teacher, I've always had a passion for inspiring others. Now, I use that same energy and creativity to inspire you to take on your own DIY projects. Through detailed blog posts and engaging storytelling on social media, I provide you with the tools and confidence you need to create the home you've always wanted.

A Teacher, a Dreamer, a Doer

Hi, I'm Liz

Meet the Heart Behind the Hammer

We believe DIY should be a joy, not a chore. That's why we make every project as fun and engaging as possible, while also sharing the reality of DIY projects.


Through engaging content and visuals, we ignite your imagination to design a space that truly reflects you.


We give you the knowledge and tools you need to tackle your DIY projects with confidence. Remember, we can do hard things, and the thrill of turning challenges into victories is all part of the journey. 


The 'Within the Grove' Approach

Liz was a kindergarten and first-grade teacher for 8 years before she became a full-time DIY influencer.


Within the Grove' was named in honor of Liz and her husband's first home among the orange groves of Florida.


Liz believes in giving equal love to both interior and exterior projects, which sets her apart in the DIY blogging world.

FUN FACT three

Liz's followers appreciate her ability to make complex projects simple and fun, a testament to her teaching background.



With an audience of motivated DIY enthusiasts and home-lovers, 'Within the Grove' is an ideal platform for meaningful brand partnerships. We pride ourselves on crafting authentic, relatable, and engaging content that aligns with our brand values and resonates with our loyal community. If you're passionate about inspiring others and fostering a love for home improvement, let's collaborate and create something extraordinary together.

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