Banana Pudding with Fudge Cookies

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Banana Pudding in a mason jarWith summer quickly approaching, it only means one thing: cook outs and getting together with friends while enjoying the sunshine.  I am always thrilled when I’m invited to a lovely friend’s home, but panic mode also kicks in when I’m trying to decide what dish to bring.

I always want to bring a dish that is delicious and eye-appealing.  Those two things combined can be time consuming though!  There are also the guests that can’t enjoy the food because they are simply dropping in while they have a few minutes or their significant other could not make it.  They also need a way to take a yummy treat home to enjoy when they have a moment.

Party Setup with the flair exchangeSay hello to banana pudding with fudge cookies in a mason jar.  Not only are they adorable in the mason jars but they can easily be taken home to enjoy later and are absolutely, lip smacking good!

Don’t let me forget the best part. They only take about 30 minutes to make from start to finish.  I admit, I have a wonderful KitchenAid Mixer, but I don’t always have the time to make dishes from scratch.  I made this dessert with 5 simple ingredients!  Yes my friends, only 5 ingredients!  The recipe is below.  Enjoy!

Banana Pudding IngredientsBanana Pudding with Fudge Cookies
7 servings

|| 1  5 oz package of vanilla instant pudding
|| 3 cups of cold milk
|| 1 container of cool whip
|| 2-3 bananas
|| 1 package of refrigerated chocolate fudge cookies
**I used Nestle Toll House Ultimate Chocolate Delight cookies

|| 7
small mason jars

banana pudding in a mason jarBake your cookies according to the package directions.  While the cookies are baking, go ahead and prepare the vanilla instant pudding using the three cups of cold milk and whisking for three minutes.  Allow the pudding to soft-set for 5 minutes.  This is also something that can be done the night before.  Next you need to slice the bananas.  I noticed that the thicker I sliced the bananas, the easier the bananas were to use when layering in the mason jars.

Once the cookies are done baking allow them to cool.  This would also be a great time to wash and dry your small mason jars.  Once the cookies are cool, the fun part begins!  You now get to start layering the yummy ingredients in the mason jars.  I placed the ingredients in the mason jars in the following order: pudding, one whole cookie, slices of banana, pudding, whip cream, and then crumbled cookie on the very top.

**tip** Make sure not to layer the whip cream and crumbled cookie too high so that you can still place the lid neatly and securely on top.

Banana Pudding Dessert

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