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Decor Daydreams for the guest bedroom

Several months ago we turned my previous office into the nursery. Therefore, our guest room is now our guest room/office.  We’re lucky that this room is large enough to serve as both!  Once the transformation of this room started to take place, we had to switch a lot of things around. The room has space for my office decor and desk along with housing guests, but didn’t leave as much room for luggage and items that guests bring. This is what has inspired today’s Decor Daydreams: Guest Room Dresser.  I’ve been debating if I should place a dresser in this room so I decided to design a space to see if it would work.  I really think that it would and now I want to turn my daydream into a reality!  Here are the items I’ve picked out for my guest room that would make any guest feel welcomed. 

Guest Room Dresser Essentials

1. I recently discovered Neat and Navy Blue while looking for new home decor ideas on Instagram. The furniture makeovers that are created are simply divine and classic. I’m in love! The pieces of furniture are seriously dreamy. The dresser pictured is one of the pieces that McKenna created for a modern home. Therefore, I’m convinced I need it in my guest bedroom.

2. Having a stack of books creates a relaxing atmosphere and inspires one to read. At least it does for me. I found the neatest Etsy shop, The Whole Bookthat sales aged decorative book sets. They’re even sold by color hues! These books would work perfectly on top of the beautiful, handpainted dresser. 

3. First of all, fresh flowers are wonderful for any room in the house. Once guests arrive after a day of travel, they will appreciate the look and smell of fresh flowers in their home away from home. These flowers are from Farm Gal Flowers where they are locally grown here in Orlando.  Simply beautiful!

4. Legato Lettering creates timeless hand lettered signs that welcome guests to your home.  Have friends and family feel welcomed as they’re greeted with this sign in the guest room next to the fresh flowers. 

5. Candles offer soothing light and a wonderful fragrance to any room.  Allow guests to fully relax after a day of exploring by lighting a candle and reading a book or magazine. West Elm offers a wonderful set of candles that are handcrafted in Charleston, South Carolina. These are seriously my favorite!

6. There’s something about the simplicity of having a lamp on a dresser that helps complete this overall look on the guest bedroom dresser. Liz Marie Blog offers a DIY tutorial to create a farmhouse inspired waxed lamp makeover.  This lamp is a neutral color to allow the books and dresser to stand out with their pops of color. 

7. Lastly, remember those magazines and books I mentioned?  Use a crate, like this one from Magnolia Market, to place plenty of reading material in.  Guests could also use it as a way to store their items they are traveling with.

How do you make your guests feel at home?  Send me your must haves and home decor pieces to create a cozy room for your friends and family in the comments below.  As always, you’re the best for stopping by Within the Grove.

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