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Decorating with succulents

Succulents are my favorite.  Seriously, I can forget to water them and they still stick around!  What’s even better than succulents?  Faux succulents that is!  They were the inspiration for my latest DIY tutorial: Faux Succulent Ornaments.

Create unique ornaments with just a few ornaments.

Yesterday I gave a tour of our Christmas decorations throughout our home.  They involve neutral colors with a mixture of greenery and various handmade items.  I wanted to continue the theme by making a few handmade ornaments that also offer a beautiful, clean palette.  These faux succulent ornaments took 15 minutes to make and turned out simply stunning!  With just 5 materials and a few minutes of your time, you’ll instantly have a set of your own.

Succulent Ornaments for Christmas

Here’s the how-to:


Hanging Ornament Holder || Moss || Faux Succulents || Twine || Hot glue gun and glue sticks || Scissors

** I found my plastic ornaments at my local Jo-Ann store for about $1 each.  If purchasing online, only the glass ones are available through their website.

Supplies to create faux succulent ornaments

While gathering your supplies, plug in your glue gun so that it’s ready to go!

Step 1: Before gluing all of the pieces, place the moss and faux succulents in the ornaments to arrange how you want them to look.

Step 2: Using your hot glue gun, glue your moss to the inside of the ornament first.  Apply the glue to the inside and securely press the moss on top. Make sure there’s enough moss to where it’s still visible once placing the faux succulents on top and to cover the bottom.

Glue moss inside an ornament before the succulent

Step 3: Apply glue to the bottom side of your succulent and firmly place in the ornament.

Placing succulents inside an ornament

Step 4:  Tie twine to the top of the ornament.  Make sure to double knot it! The ornament is ready to hang on your tree.

DIY Succulent ornament

Create one or create a set of these faux succulent ornaments.  You’ll love them and the little time it takes. These would also look great to tie onto a gift you are giving a friend or loved one.

Succulent plants turned into an ornament

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