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Gather Free Printable for September
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Gather Free Printable for September

This month’s free printable is a word that is near and dear to my heart right now.  As I’m sitting here typing this blog post, Hurricane Irma is happening right outside of my window. I’m rushing against time as my power can go out at any moment. Throughout this past week all of Florida has rushed to get prepared for this hurricane. Hurricane essentials have been flying off the shelves and sold out within minutes as soon as it comes in. Families were evacuated throughout the week thinking the hurricane was going to the east coast but it has dramatically turned to the west coast. Talk about panic and heartbreak.

Earlier this week I attempted to go to Lowe’s and Home Depot for the 3rd time to get plywood for the windows of our home. I talked about this over on Instagram, but I experienced it first hand how this time can be so crazy yet how kindness can shine through. Let me explain. I finally found a few sheets of plywood. More like 3 but at that point I needed anything I could get my hands on. Ryan hadn’t arrived yet and I had Oliver on my hip. As I tried to claim the pieces of wood, others were already swarming in to snag it. An older gentleman noticed what was happening and stepped in. This sweet soul grabbed the plywood sheets for me and guarded them until Ryan arrived. In moments like this people will panic. They are trying to protect their family and home. I totally understand but so am I. Then there are people that gather together to show kindness and help others.

Hurricane Irma Free Printable - Within the Grove

That is what has inspired this month’s free printable for your home. It used to hold a fall meaning to me as we gather around the table for the holidays but it is forever changed. Last week Texas was devastated with Harvey and this week Florida is following in that same path with Irma. Waiting for Hurricane Irma to arrive and see where it goes has taken an emotional toll on everyone and panic has been seen everywhere (and for good reason). For those that are waiting out this storm and those that are waiting to see if they have a home to come home to, this printable is for you. It’s also for those that will come together to continue to help those in Texas and in the coming days to start to help Florida. We’ll need to gather together and show how we can truly come together as one and help those that need it the most in this devastation. My heart is in Florida. My home is in Florida. My family is in Florida. I’m ready for tomorrow evening to come, not because the hurricane will be over for my area, but so I can start to gather with others to help those that need us the most in this time of need. 

You can download this free 8 x 10 printable by clicking the image below. I hope that every time you see it in your home, it makes you think of how you can gather with others to help those in need. We’re all in this together. Although this blog post has been a great distraction from the storm, I plan on turning off my computer so I can spend my time with my family as we ride out this hurricane. Much love everyone. 

September Free Printable - Gather

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  1. claranne vogel says:

    beautiful print, perfect for a gift i am making for a friend, since we always seem to end up at her home! Is it possible to resize this print so I can fit it in one of the set of frames I am using? Thanks!

    • ElizabethRishel says:

      Hi Claranne! I apologize for just now seeing this! Is it too late to help? I’d love to help to resize this image to fit the frame. Just let me know.

  2. Becky says:

    This is beautiful and wow!!!! Thank you for making it soo easy to access and print! God bless you! Happy Easter!

    • ElizabethRishel says:

      Oh, Becky, Thank you!! I’m so glad you were able to download and use this printable. I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

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