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Every morning, Oliver and I venture outside for our morning walk. I love this time to get outdoors and to look at the gorgeous landscaped yards in my new neighborhood. It seriously gives me major yard goals! There’s one home in particular that has a whimsical flower garden in their front flower bed. The varying heights of the flowers and colors makes it a stunning sight! I’ve always been one to have shrubbery and flowers that stay low to the ground. Not now! I’m determined to create at least one flower bed of whimsical flowers that blow in the wind. When planted just right and with the perfect combo of colors, it can be a gorgeous addition to your yard. Here are a few flower beds you’ll want to save to refer back to! I know I’ll be using these as my inspiration.

Flower Garden Fence

This particular garden is giving me yard and fence goals! I’ve never wanted a little fence like this in my yard until now. The lavender in the front with the pink roses growing through the fence is gorgeous! Seriously, I want to learn how to grow a garden like this. 

Alliums Galore

Am I the only one that has never heard of alliums? These are all kinds of magical! I absolutely adore the ball of flowers and how tall they grow. Imagine these lining the side of your home.  

Floral Entrance 

Can’t we all own a garden entrance like this one? I can already imagine picking and smelling the flowers every time I return home. Better yet, picking a few for the person I’m about to meet as a just because gift on my way out. Someone come show me how to even begin to create something like this!

As a Border

I told Ryan the other day I would love to create a flower garden along the driveway that leads to the front of our home. This is a great example to refer to. The surprise element of the varying heights of flowers and pops of color creates instant curb appeal.

It’s time my friends! Time to pick the perfect spot in your yard to plant your whimsical flower garden. Think bright colors, different heights, and flowers you’ve never used before. What will you be placing in your garden? Time to fill up the comments! 

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