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We’ve made it to Friday Eve! Yes, there’s such a thing. Makes Thursday a little better, right? You know what else makes for a great day? A super cute One Spot DIY! I’m tickled pink to share this ombre tassel pouch with you today. First off, I can’t get over this $3 cream pouch I found in the Target One Spot the other day that prompted this newest DIY.

Not only does it say bag of tricks on the front, but it’s super soft with a fleece type lining on the inside. The scallops along the bottom sealed the deal. I wanted to add a pop of color without having to get too messy. $2 later and I had the perfect solution: pink ombre tassels using sewing thread! This project took no more than 30 minutes to complete which also includes making the tassels. Do I dare say 20 minutes to complete it?

It’s the perfect touch of pink with an ombre design. It adds an adorable and fun touch to the pouch while still making it functional. Enough of this chit chat! Here’s how you can make your own ombre tassel pouch.


Cream Pouch from the One Spot || Scissors || Skeins of Embroidery Floss to make 5 Tassels  || Embroidery Needle

The How-To:

We need to create our tassels first! Each skein of embroidery floss will make 2 tassels. I ended up buying 5 different ones to create the ombre pattern. Here are the colors along with the numbers I used just in case you want to use the same colors:

Step 1: Remove the paper sleeves and cut off about 20 inches of thread from the skein. You’ll be using this later!

Step 2: Cut the skein into two equal sections.

Step 3: Take each section you just created and cut in half again. You’ll now have 4 equal sections of thread.

Step 4:Combine 2 sections together. Next you’ll take your 20 inch piece of thread you put to the side and cut it into 4 equal parts.

Step 5: Center one of the pieces of thread underneath a bundle. Make sure it’s in the middle and tie it in a double knot.

Step 6: You’ll now fold this bundle in half. Center another piece of thread under the folded bundle near the top.

Step 7: Tie this thread in a double knot. Trim the excess thread along the bottom for a clean look. 

You’ll repeat these steps until you have all of your tassels made.

Time to attach the tassels to the bag! Before you begin, space out your tassels along the width of the bag so you know where you’re going to attach them.

Step 8:Thread one end of the strands through an embroidery needle. You’re using the first piece of thread you tied around the bundle that’s now at the top.

Step 9: Sew one end through the bag. With just a little push, the needle will go through. Repeat with the other piece of thread by sewing it right next to the first one.

Step 10: From the inside of the pouch, tie the thread in a double knot. Trim the excess thread. Repeat this until you have all of the tassels sewn onto the pouch. That’s it!

It seems like a lot of steps, but once you get the hang of creating the tassels and sewing them onto the pouch, it really is a quick project. This pouch is the perfect size to serve for many different uses.

You can place art supplies, receipts and business transactions, or use it as a purse with just your essentials inside. It would also make a great gift to give to someone. Super cute!

What colors will you be using for your pouch? I almost picked a blue ombre pattern but decided to use pink at the last minute. Maybe green is your color for spring time. Either way, I want to see your adorable pouch when you’re done! Can’t find the pouch? This method will work on just about any purse, tote, or bag. Chat soon!

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  1. Susan says:

    Great tutorial – I think I’m going to have to tassel up most everything I own.
    Also, at our house, we call it “Friday Lite”. 🙂

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