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Outdoor fall decor with blue hues. || Within the Grove
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Creating and outdoor fall tablescape for entertaining. || Within the Grove

This all started with a table. Well, I mean, of course it’s an outdoor table decorated for fall hosting. But what I really mean, is that it all started with this exact table that I wanted to strip the paint off of. When it was actually working and it revealed the beautiful teak wood underneath, I then had put oil on it to complete the transformation. That of course lead to painting the patio chairs from 50 shades of coral to a bluish gray. Here’s where we started:

Outdoor Patio Space Before || Within the Grove

And now we are here:


Revealing our fall tablescape for the outdoor patio space. || Within the Grove

I truly planned on posting about how to paint patio chairs with a paint sprayer, and I promise that will still happen, but I couldn’t help but share our outdoor space for the fall season. This was 100% unplanned. But after I painted the chairs (and fell in love with them), I knew I had to find pillows for the space, then a centerpiece, then plates, and well, you get it.

Creating an outdoor fall tablescape with blue decor. || Within the Grove

And now here we are. Our brand new (to us) teak table, freshly painted chairs, and the comfort of fall through a little bit of decor. Our goal was to make the overall fall table decor simple and to help bring family and friends outdoors. This time of year is when we start to enjoy our patio even more as the humidity and heat starts to die down. If we didn’t live in Florida where it is still currently 95 degrees, I would have added a blanket or two to the space.

Revealing our fall tablescape for the outdoor patio space. || Within the Grove

The outdoor plates were the first item that I found for this space. I’ve been eyeing them at Target for a little while now and knew they would be perfect out here. I had to show self control not to purchase the entire line of outdoor bowls, plates, and cups in this line.

Using outdoor blue plates for fall decor. || Within the Grove

I knew I wanted to add pumpkins to the plates but I didn’t want orange or white ones. But what about concrete ones? These cuties were a steal at Hobby Lobby. They are another great outdoor element to use on a patio table and they tie in with the candle holders. Can we also talk about how they’ll make great paper weights to help prevent napkins from flying away?

The candle holders were two items that I randomly found in the outdoor clearance. Which also means they are no longer available. But I’ll here’s a slightly similar one. The thing I adore the most about these is that the bottom of them are concrete. It screams outdoor patio with the amazing texture and goes great with the blue hues.

Using glass candle holders to hold mini pumpkins for fall decor. || Within the Grove

But instead of filling them with a large candle, I opted to paint foam pumpkins to create a blue ombre design and to add a touch of fall. I originally saw this idea Making Home Base’s mantle and wanted to try my own spin on them. The few hours it took to paint all of these pumpkins were well worth the time. I stacked them starting with the lightest pumpkins going in first and ending with the darkest. It just might be my favorite decor piece on the table.

Ombre Blue mini pumpkins for fall decor. || Within the Grove

Finally, the pillows. These almost caused me to throw this whole outdoor fall table out the window. I searched high and low for pillows that would work for this space without spending $20 a pillow. With needing 6 pillows, it would have blown the budget. I checked HomeGoods, Target, TJ Maxx, Ross, Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Amazon. All of these stores had outdoor pillows on sale but nothing close to what I was looking for.

Adding pillows to your patio space. || Within the Grove

Who saved the day? Walmart, my friends. Walmart for $8 per pillow! I entered through the garden section only to be greeted by these 6 lonely pillows waiting to be claimed. No other pillows around. I can’t tell you why they were still there but I can tell you they were in my cart with one swoop of my arm. These aren’t available online, so check in-store!

Adding pillows to your outdoor fall decor. || Within the Grove

There you have it! There’s blue and then there’s a little bit of gray. It may not be traditional fall colors but it’s us and we love it! Plus, these items can become year round (minus the pumpkins) decor to get longer use out of them. We’re looking forward to using our outdoor fall table as the weather cools off, the mosquitoes start to disappear, and we celebrate all things fall.

Outdoor fall decor with blue hues. || Within the Grove

Outdoor fall decor with blue hues. || Within the Grove

Outdoor fall decor with blue hues. || Within the Grove


Ombre pumpkins to use in your fall decor. || Within the GroveLet’s keep in touch!

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