How to Style a Holiday Brunch Tablescape

Creating a centerpiece for a holiday table.
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Styling a table for a Holiday Brunch

Is there anything better than a great holiday brunch? I don’t think so! If you’re planning a holiday gathering this year, there are so many ways to take your brunch to the next level. One of my favorites is by styling a beautiful holiday brunch tablescape.

While the food itself is definitely the star of the brunch show (psst…try our Overnight Eggnog Blueberry French Toast!), it’s equally as fun to focus on how the table is styled. Brunch table decor that gives all of the holiday feels for you and your guests will help make your party so memorable it might even become a new tradition!

In this post, I’m going to show you how to style your own Christmas brunch tablescape in no time! I want you to remember one thing though throughout this post: simple is more. Below you’ll find tips and tricks to help get you started decorating your table for brunch in no time.

Things to Consider When Designing a Holiday Brunch Tablescape

Before you start planning out specific ideas for your brunch table decor, it’s important to determine the overall vibe you want for your table. Make sure to consider the following:

Holiday Brunch Themes

There are so many options for holiday brunch themes, from classic Christmas to a cozy cottage theme or even a Blue Christmas theme! The options are basically endless. While you certainly don’t need to have a theme, picking one can help make planning out the rest of your table decor a lot easier.


It’s a good idea to pick a few key colors you want to incorporate into your brunch tablescape before you start choosing your decor. By creating a color palette you can more easily choose decor items and table settings and feel confident they’ll look good together. While green and red are classic Christmas decor colors, don’t be afraid to try some mixed metals, an all-white palette and even a pink Christmas palette!


Incorporating patterns into your Christmas tablescape is another great way to create a beautiful, cohesive brunch table. Think about the patterns that make you immediately think of Christmas, like a gorgeous green and red plaid or a black and white Buffalo plaid. Incorporate these patterns into napkins, dishes and decor.


Layering different textures into your holiday brunch tablescape is another key part of creating a beautiful place setting. Flannel and wool are both lovely textures that remind me of cozy holiday celebrations, but you could also use linen, burlap and natural wood.

Natural Elements

Don’t forget to use nature’s beauty to enhance your brunch table! There are so many beautiful options (some of which are probably right outside your door!), from pine needles and other evergreen boughs to red berries, cranberries and mixed nuts.

Take some time to plan out the elements you want to include in your holiday brunch decor and you’ll be able to easily create a cohesive, beautiful table for your guests.

Ideas for Your Holiday Brunch Tablescape

Ready to bring your holiday table to life? Take a look at one of my favorite simple brunch place settings I put together using black and white patterns, creamy neutral colors, natural greenery and pops of red.

A close up view of a holiday brunch tablescape

Use Neutral Linens

When using a tablecloth and napkins, white might seem like the best option for clean up afterwards, but it tends to look very formal. If that’s the look you’re going for, then certainly use it! For a casual yet inviting look, go for creamy neutral colors.

For our brunch table, we used an off-white table runner with a black stripe design. It added a little warmth and allowed other décor items to stand out when it comes to color. The cloth napkins are a cream and light gray stripe pattern to help provide a little dimension to the table.

Gold flatware on a holiday brunch tablescape

Holiday Brunch Flatware

Who says that flatware must be silver? I love a great excuse to get out my gold flatware whenever I can. It adds a sophisticated and warm feeling to the overall look of the table. Besides, they are also great for the holiday season in general. Confession: If I didn’t already have a set of gold flatware, I would have purchased the new black flatware by Hearth and Hand.

Using gold flatware for your holiday table.

Table Setting for Brunch

Your plates, bowls and other dinnerware is where you can easily incorporate a little color into your holiday brunch tablescape. And who says your main plate and appetizer plate have to be the same color?

For our main plates, we went with olive green and paired it with a festive appetizer plate. I love the mix-and-match look the two plates provide on the table while still complimenting each other. Plus, can the deer plates be any cuter?

table setting for a holiday brunch

Christmas Brunch Centerpiece

Every table needs a centerpiece to create an inviting look that helps to tie everything together. Keep in mind, don’t create one that’s too tall or you won’t be able to see the guests sitting across from you. Don’t overly stress about this design piece. Keep it relaxed and simple by using items you already have in your home.

Creating a centerpiece for a holiday brunch tablescape

For example, the centerpiece used for our holiday brunch table was originally a set of candle holders I had displayed on our coffee table. I added pieces of faux greenery and red berries left over from a wreath to each candle holder. And the wool and wood garland was originally hanging from a wooden sign in my home. I didn’t have to spend anything extra to create a simple, beautiful centerpiece.

Struggling to come up with a centerpiece idea? Remember, a lovely vase of fresh flowers is always an option.

Creating a centerpiece for a holiday table.

Festive Christmas Brunch Name Cards

Adding name cards is a simple way to welcome your guests to the brunch. And if you don’t want to make people sit in certain spots, rather than their name, write holiday words or quotes. I created my name cards using ornaments meant to display pictures.

These were super simple and because I wrote holiday phrases on them, I can use them for future table settings or even use them as ornaments and home decor!

Creating holiday brunch name cards.

Creating an Overall Cohesive and Inviting Design

As you style your brunch table, take the time to step back and look at it overall. Even if you’re using a variety of colors or sticking with 2-3 colors, you want an overall cohesive look. The dinnerware, linens, and centerpiece can all be unique and still come together according to their colors.

If you’ve taken the time to think about the colors, patterns and textures you want to use for your holiday brunch tablescape in advance, creating a cohesive design becomes a lot easier. Try to layer similar colors and patterns throughout the design to tie it all together.

Styling a table for a Holiday Brunch

Other Ideas for Your Holiday Brunch Tablescape

There are so many other simple (yet unique) ways to style a brunch table setting. Here are a few more ideas to inspire your decor:

Use Existing Decor

Decorating a table does not mean having to buy a bunch of new stuff. You’ll notice in my description above that I already owned most of what I used for my table setting. You can do the same! 

Do you have a lovely, long plaid scarf? Use it as a table runner! A wreath can be placed on the table with a cake stand inside of it for a simple and beautiful way to display food. Fill a bowl or glass jar with ornaments leftover from trimming the tree and use it as a centerpiece.

Incorporate Food

Using food as your decor is so easy and makes sense for a gathering like a holiday brunch. Fill containers with oranges and cranberries for a simple centerpiece or simply lay them out on the table around other decor items for a natural pop of color. Create a tiered display of cinnamon rolls and other pastries for a piece that doubles as decor and the meal.

Use Pieces with Meaning

I feel like a lot of families have certain holiday items that get passed down from generation to generation. Maybe it’s a collection of antique ornaments or an old star for the top of the tree. Maybe it’s a serving platter your kids made when they were little or vintage cookie cutters from your grandmother. If you have special traditions or family heirlooms that are used for holidays in your home, find creative ways to incorporate them into your holiday brunch tablescape.

I hope this inspires you to create and style a holiday brunch tablescape that you love! Enjoy this holiday season as you laugh over amazing food and bubbly with friends and family. Stay tuned for the next holiday post that will be all about styling your home.


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