Summer Floral Party // DIY Ombre Napkins and Place Cards

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Floral Summer Party

Today’s an exciting day for Within the Grove which means for you also!  I’m more than thrilled to be sharing today’s blog post with you.  It’s no secret that my favorite season is summer and that I love throwing a great get together with a beautiful theme.  There’s nothing sweeter than gathering friends and family for a festive time while enjoying life’s small moments.  We’re usually found attending cookouts, outdoor events, a yummy BBQ, and pool parties throughout the warm summer season.  Why not create a unique and beautiful get together {because it’s summer of course} by hosting a Summer Floral Party?

That’s exactly what I did with an amazing group of creatives here in the Central Florida area. I recently had the opportunity to take part in a beautiful collaboration with talented women to create a Summer Floral Party that was flawlessly organized by Melissa Creates.  Teaming up with this fabulous group honestly left me on cloud 9 and in awe with what a group of women can accomplish when we focus on community over competition.  Believe it or not, I also got my husband involved with this collaboration.  Through a wife and husband joint effort, we were able to build the farmhouse table for this party.  I must say, it turned out simply gorgeous!

All images by Rachel V Photography

Entertain your friends this summer with a Floral Summer Party

Now for all the details on how you can create this party yourself.  I’ll be sharing in my post about how you can create ombré napkins and place cards. Seriously, some of the quickest and easiest DIY projects I have done with amazing results.  Once you’re done here, don’t forget to hop around each blog listed at the end of this post to bookmark the recipes, decor, and party tips for all of the ladies involved in this collaboration. You’ll be thrilled when you discover these amazing blogs to start following.

DIY Ombre napkins and place cards

DIY Ombre Place Cards


DIY Ombré Napkins

How to create ombre napkinsSupplies:

Cotton Dinner Napkins || Fabric Paint {I used Martha Stewart multi-surface paint} || 2 Plastic Cups || Flat Paintbrush || Water || Wax Paper || Iron

Fabric paint and napkins to create ombre napkinsThe How- to:

Step 1: Wash your cotton napkins and iron.  This is such an important step that you can’t skip.  Without doing this, the paint will take on the wrinkled pattern rather then have a clean look.

Step 2:  Soak each napkin in water and twist out the excess water.  You’ll want your napkins damp for this project.

Wet your napkins so that they are damp before applying fabric paint.

Step 3: Cut a piece of wax paper bigger than your napkin and place on a flat surface.  Place your napkin on top of the wax paper.

Step 4: Fill one plastic cup with water and squirt a quarter size amount of fabric paint into the other plastic cup.  Start by pouring a small amount of water into the paint cup and mix.  I poured about 1/2 an inch of water to begin with.

Pour a quarter size of paint in a cup before adding water.

Slowly add water to fabric paint

Step 5: Dip the paintbrush into the diluted paint and apply on the bottom of the damp napkin across the width and 2 inches up the napkin.

Start applying paint to the bottom of the napkin to start the ombre look

Step 6: You’ll repeat step 5, but each time you do, you’ll add a little more water to the paint cup.   This will create the ombré look due to the paint color fading as you work up the napkin.  Stop once you paint halfway up the napkin.

Add more water to the paint cup as you paint up the napkin.

Step 7: Repeat for each color/napkin.  Tip: I painted all my pink ombré napkins first, rinsed out my paint cup, and continued with the other colors.

Step 8: Allow your napkins to dry overnight.  Once they are fully dry, seal the paint by ironing each napkin. 

Ombre napkins for a Summer Floral Party

Creating a spring look with ombre napkins

DIY Ombré Place Cards

How to create ombre watercolor place cards


White Cardstock || Scissors || Square Stencil || Watercolor Paint || Small Container for Water || Small Paintbrush || Pencil || Ultra Fine Tip Black Sharpie 

Supplies needed to create ombre place cards

The How-to:

Step 1: Using a square object or stencil, trace as many squares as needed on your cardstock paper.  I used one of my business cards as an easy and quick object to trace.

Trace and cut out your place cards using white card stock.

Step 2: Cut out each square and place to the side.

Step 3: Using a small paintbrush, apply watercolor paint and a very small amount of water to the paintbrush. Apply the paint to the top of a square.  You’ll want the first few strokes of paint to be very thick and vibrant.

Start by applying a thick amount of watercolor paint to the top of your place card.

Step 4: This time only apply a generous amount of water to the paintbrush.  Drag the paint down you’ve already applied on the square by using your water soaked paintbrush,  You will move the paintbrush back and forth without lifting it up.  This will create the desired ombré look.  Repeat with your other colors and cards.

Add more water to the paintbrush and move the paint downward to create the ombre appeal.

Step 5: Allow your cards fully dry. If you’re great at handlettering, go ahead and use your sharpie to write the names on your cards.  If not, lightly use a pencil to write the names in cursive and trace over with a sharpie.  To create a calligraphy font, thicken your downstrokes by drawing a line parallel to your downstrokes. Fill in the space and allow your new thicken line to blend in with your upstrokes.

Create calligraphy by handlettering with a pencil and a sharpie.

Your place cards are now ready to be put on display!

Ombre Place Cards for a Summer Floral Party

Place cards with an ombre effect for a Summer Floral Party

To complete the rest of the look for your Summer Floral Party visit the links below for more gorgeous images, delicious recipes, cocktails, a scrumptious dessert table, and plenty of styling and entertainment tips and tricks.

Summer Floral Party Styled Shoot by Rachel V Photography

Tandoori Chicken Skewers by Love and Zest 

Pisco Punch by The Flair Exchange 

Raspberry Lemonade Cake by The Cumby Cupcake

Grilled Peach Burrata Panzanella Salad by Casa de Crews

Styled Summer Floral Party by Melissa Creates

Summer Floral Party Collaboration

Central Florida Bloggers gather for a collaboration for a summer floral party

Summer Floral Party Vendors

Flowers: Farm Gal Flowers

Chargers and Gold Cutlery: Set Rentals

Table: Elizabeth and Ryan of Within the Grove

Plates and Custom Menu: Oh Deer Creative

Venue: Orange Studio

Custom Cookies: Merci Bakery

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  2. Nichole says:

    It was so nice to meet you in person!! Your napkins, and place cards were the perfect touch the table needed! I am a semi-homemade kind of gal when it comes to crafting, but both of these projects look simple enough, even for me!

    • ElizabethRishel says:

      Same to you!! I am thrilled to hear that these DIY projects are simple enough to follow. Thanks for stopping by!

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