Narrow Wall Space Design for Extra Storage

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I’m going to be tackling one more small wall space in the office! I’m starting to learn that small spaces are some of my favorite areas to focus on. They aren’t super overwhelming and I can easily visualize what I’d like to accomplish in that space. I think that’s also why the pantry has been one of my favorite and most drastic before and after reveals to date.

Last year I started with a makeover on my side of the office wall by painting a green arch with shelves. Which then layered followed by adding a shelving unit to organize all of our work materials and supplies.

When getting my side of the office area organized, I was able to move Ryan’s desk beside mine so that we were no longer bumping into each other. Much more functional and productive for both of us!

And just last week I finally got to painting the arch and adding shelving for his desk area to make it flow with mine. It made the biggest difference.

Now, there’s this little nook area on the other side of Ryan’s desk that I have my eye on. We’re needing some extra storage for our workout equipment, games, and puzzles. I guess you can call it our extra-curricular activities at home. This is the perfect spot to help create some extra storage for these items. And while having some fun with designing the wall space.

The plan is to remove the blinds, paint the window frames black to match the rest of the house, and install new roller shades. Once that’s done, I’ll be wallpapering the wall. I recently wallpaper our hallway and have been anxious to wallpaper another wall since then. I’ll be using the wallpaper Sunny in black and white by Copper Corners. It’s going to be a fun design element while flowing with the rest of the office space design.

The first step, let’s get the window frames painted black and the wallpaper installed. That alone is going to transform the space so much. Stay tuned! If you want to catch the behind the scenes of this project, make sure to follow along on Instagram.

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