16 Online Plant Shops that Deliver Houseplants Right to Your Front Door

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When we moved into our first home, I was an avid gardener in our yard but I stuck to faux plants inside minus a fiddle leaf fig or two. It felt very intimidating to think of keeping a plant alive indoors. Fast forward to now, just about every room in our home has a real houseplant. For the most part, they’re thriving. I’m still learning what does and doesn’t work in our home or where it our home houseplants work the best.

One of the best ways to learn is to try yourself. I’ve noticed when going to local home improvement stores, I see the same generic houseplants over and over. Which is okay but I’m wanting to branch out some. Today I’m sharing a list of small businesses that have curated beautiful online stores to deliver houseplants right to your front door. You get the opportunity to get your hands on new types of houseplants for your home while also supporting small businesses. And not to mention the prefect way to spread a little cheer if you want to send someone a surprise in the mail, or even as a housewarming gift.

Want plants delivered right to your front door? Here are 16 online plant shops from around the nation that are waiting to send you a little happy mail in plant form.
1. Bros with Hoes Plant Co.

Orlando, FL || Website || Instagram

First, can we stop for a moment and appreciate this creative name for this business. That’s what caught my eye but the owners, Kyle and Jason, had me sticking around with their gorgeous Instagram feed full of all of their stunning plants. Reviews rave about their packaging when shipping the plants. And if you’re local to the Orlando, FL area, they host pop up shops throughout Central Florida. Plant restock every Wednesday.

Photo credit: Bros with Hoes Plant Co.
2. Fern Shop

Cincinatti, OH || Website || Instagram

Nestled in the College Hill area of Cincinatti, OH, this plant shop brings design and houseplants together in a home. Megan, the owner, makes sure to offer a curated selection of houseplants while also providing plant care information to allow anyone and everyone to succeed with their plant care. Plants can be purchased through their website but be quick because they sell out quickly!

Photo Credit: Fern Shop
3. Plant Shop Seattle

Seattle, WA || Website || Instagram

Representing the West Coast friends, the Plant Shop Seattle offers everything from air plants to your luscious green houseplants along with succulents. Added bonus? If you’re local to the Seattle area, as of right now you can receive free delivery!

Photo Credit: Plant Shop Seattle
4. Prissylily Plants

Gainesville, Virgina || Website || Instagram

Prissylily Plants offers a wide range of houseplants and all through their Etsy shop. This is one of the few without a type of store front and offers shipping to the US and Canada. My Canada friends, this one is for you! There’s also an abundance of reviews on their Etsy shop with how healthy the plants are and how carefully packaged they arrive.

Image Credit: Prissylily Plants
5. Forage Plants

Denver, Louisville & Lexington || >Website || Instagram

Forage Plants I based around the mission of bringing purpose into a home with plants versus just wanting a plant. They’re determined to show every person that there’s a plant for them (which I love). They have a few brick an mortar stores in Colorado and Kentucky. For those not in those areas, you can easily purchase plants to be delivered to your front door. Warning: it looks like they sell out quickly.

Photo credit: Forage Plants
6. Land of Alice

Orlando, FL || Website || Instagram

It seems that Central Florida has it going on with small businesses delivering houseplants! Luckily we can all take advantage of it. Land of Alice can be found locally at the Winter Garden Farmers Market and the Orlando Farmers Market. Shop online as well. They have a stunning array of plants to choose from.

Photo Credit: >Land of Alice
7. Grow Plant Shop

Fort Worth, TX || Website || Instagram

Grow Plant Shop offers a variety of houseplants that are perfect for the novice to the expert. Their goal is to get you comfortable with houseplants so you continue to grow as well. Their storefront is out of a 1978 Airstream Sovereign. Too bad we’re not all in the Fort Worth area! If you are, you have to stop by! Otherwise, take advantage of their expedited shipping where their plants arrive to your home carefully packaged.

Photo Credit: Grow Plant Shop
8. The Fernseed

Tacoma, Washington || >Website || Instagram

Offering an abundance of plants delivered straight to you, Fernseed also offers planters, hanging planters, potting supplies, and ways to easily water your houseplants. The cutest thing, is that you’ll also find DIY home kits for your and kids to help get you started.

Photo Credit: The Fernseed
9. Shop Pigment

San Diego, CA || Website || Instagram

Road trip anyone? Shop Pigment has a gorgeous brick and mortar store full of not only houseplants and pottery but home decor as well. It looks like majority of it is available online. Just take a look at those healthy and green houseplants below.

Photo Credit: hop Pigment
10. Frond Plant Shop

Austin, TX || Website || Instagram

Always open online, Frond Plant shop offers air plants, houseplants, succulents and pottery. Kind of like your one stop shop to help get you started. . . except it’s all delivered to your front door. Sara hopes to inspire you to have your houseplants become a part of your personal home style.

Photo Credit: Front Plant Shop
11. The Sill

Brooklyn, NY || Website || Instgram

The Sill is probably one of the more well known home delivery services when it comes to houseplants. And for good reason! Their plants start at $5 and one of the few that also offer flowering plants. Their plants are also available in an assortment of sizes depending on what you’re looking for. Their selection isn’t huge but they have some plants you’ll be grabbing for yourself or putting on your plant wishlist.

Photo Credit: The Sill
12. Urban Sprouts Store

Renton, WA || Website || Instagram

The mission of Urban Sprouts caught my attention immediately: Boutique plant shop specializing in helping new plant parents succeed. To me that screams the most adorable plants you’ll find that will give you the confidence you need to keep buying more. And I’m all about that!! They’re currently offering home delivery and shipping.

13. PIEP

Riverside, CA || Website || Instagram

Through PIEP’s website you can explore to see which houseplants they have available for shipping. You’ll be happily pleased that you’ll have plenty to choose from. On top of shipping plants, PIEP also creates content on their blog to help you have the greenest thumb you can. I love it even more that this is a family owned business!

Photo credit: PIEP
14. Plant Party

Austin, TX || Website || Instagram

Plant Party offers a way for you to not only have plants shipped to you, but they’ve also made it easy to gift a houseplant to others. Not ready for a green thumb but need some greenery while you’re hosting a party/event? Plant Party also offers their plants for you to rent. How cool is that?!

Photo via Plant Party
15. Fern Plant Spot

Spokane, Washington || Website || Instagram

Another beautifully curated Etsy shop that offers shipping with their houseplants. They’re decently priced along with a 5 star review. They’re currently offering free shipping with a $35 or more purchase.

Photo via Fern Plant Spot
16. Desk Plants

Austin, TX || >Website || Instagram

I love this concept of making it easier for people to find the perfect plant for their desk. This could be at home or in the office. The best part is, these are going to be hard-to-kill plants since your desk may not be next to a window. It’s all about having that better work space and you can have the plant shipped to your work to make it even easier.

Photo via >Desk Plants

If you try any of these ship to home plant services, you’ll have to let me know! I’ll be checking out each one personally starting at the top of the list. I wonder how many houseplants I can add to my home before Ryan realizes it. . . Until then, my friends, let’s keep in touch!

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