A Mama’s Winter Survival Toolkit

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winter toolkit essentials for moms or anyone

Last week Florida finally had a cold front that made it feel like winter rather than the middle of summer. It was glorious! The only thing that wasn’t glorious was the cold that I got a few days later. Taking care of a newborn and having a cold left me exhausted. I found myself running around each night after my little one went to bed trying to find my ‘feel better’ products. The products that I couldn’t find, I headed straight to Target to purchase because I just had to have them.

Winter Survival Toolkit for the busy mom

That’s when it hit me! Why am I running around all the time trying to find my feel better products when I can create a winter survival toolkit? So, that’s exactly what I did. I bought a brand new wooden box while I was at Target, a few new items, and started filling the box up right away.  What I love about this winter toolkit, is that it’s not only perfect for new Mama’s like myself, but for anyone who needs a little pick me up to feel better during the winter season.

Winter Toolkit Essentials


You don’t want anyone, or yourself, missing out on all of the holiday and winter fun during this peak season of aches and pains.  Be one step ahead by preparing this winter toolkit. Here are the essential items I always keep in my winter toolkit to win over winter that you can easily find at Target.

The first thing you’ll need is a container so that you won’t misplace your essential items like I have done in the past. I found this adorable wooden box knew it would work perfectly. It even has handles so that I can easily carry it from room to room.


1. Motrin

This is a must have in my winter toolkit and the first thing I grabbed. Motrin relieves those yucky aches and pains due to having a dreaded headache, cold, sore throat, flu, and toothache. I don’t want any of these sticking around! Motrin is available at Target and also carries Children’s Motrin if your little ones happen to get sick.

Motrin to take all the aches away - Within the Grove

Here’s where you can find it in the Healthcare section of Target:

Motrin found in Target2. Mug

Pick up your favorite mug to sip a warm drink in. I don’t know about you, but a cute mug like this one will certainly motivate me to stay hydrated and get better faster.

3. Tea or Coffee

Are you a tea or coffee person? If you’re like me, you’re both. Help soothe your throat or give yourself a little more energy when that cold is getting to you by grabbing your favorite tea or coffee to sip on. The warmness of the drink will also help those chills go away. And let’s be honest, I need all the energy I can get being a new mom!

Motivation mug for your coffee or tea.

4. Soft Blanket

I love an amazing, soft blanket to curl up with once the craziness of the day has slowed down. This is especially true when there’s a winter chill in the air and feeling a bit under the weather.

Winter survival toolkit

5. Lip Balm

There’s no such thing as having too much lip balm. During the winter months I’m constantly applying lip balm to keep my lips smooth and moisturized.

6. Bubble Bath

Need I say more? After a day of running around in the cold, taking care of a little one, and then coming down with the sniffles myself, all I want is a hot bubble bath to end my day.  Make sure to put your favorite relaxing scent in your wooden basket for instant happiness!

7. Chocolate

Chocolate is always a great item to have in your winter survival toolkit.  Especially when you want to reward yourself for getting through a sick, cold winter day.


8. Comfy socks

After your hot bubble bath and before curling up in the soft blanket, slip on a pair of fuzzy socks. I always find comfort in slipping on a pair and it warms me up right away.

9. Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is always great to have in the winter survival toolkit. You certainly don’t want to pass the germs back and forth among your family members.

Essential items for your winning over winter toolkit

These are all of the essential items I would keep in my winter survival toolkit as a Mom that needs a little pampering. But the truth is, this winter toolkit would work for anyone that has the winter blues and simply had a long day. Not to mention to help get through the holidays. Remember to go ahead and get one step ahead with Motrin. You want to be ready when the aches and pains of winter arrive and getting rid of them with ease.

What items would you place in your winter toolkit to win over winter? I can’t wait to hear how you and your family get through the winter season with your tips and tricks in the comments below.

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  1. Tammy S Embry says:

    All great ideas but I’d have to also add vaoorub for both feer and chest (only feet for little one) to help congestion and make it easier for beebs to eat, pedialyte for beebs as well, thermometer, and socks that will be ruined by vaporub,a tight t-shirt that will stick to your chest, and zinc lozenges ot airborne.

  2. Darra says:

    I’d add some Theraflu, tissues, Ricola cough drops, throat llosenges, honey, lemon, crossword puzzle book.

  3. Kathryn Moeller Heater says:

    I have to have nice soft tissues in my kit! Can’t get through the winter months without them and some throat lasonges!

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