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DIY Glitter Picture Hangers

When my guest bedroom also became my office, I didn’t do much except move my desk and supplies into the room. The walls already had a few decor pieces but not what I wanted for an office. I finally decided to do something about it this week! I wanted to display motivational quotes and images on the wall that will keep me going on those hard days where a little push is needed. But I also wanted to be able to rotate the quotes and pictures without having to put a ton of holes in my office wall.

Glitter picture hangers for your office - Within the Grove

Picture frames seemed too bulky for my space. That’s when I thought of creating glitter picture hangers. I transformed wooden pant hangers I found at Target into picture hangers with a little spray paint and glitter. This was a quick project with amazing results! When gold glitter is involved, it’s bound to be magical. Plus, I can continuously rotate my prints to match my mood or the season.

Office decor using glitter hangers - Within the Grove

These sparkly glitter picture hangers are the perfect addition to my office. The neutral color will allow me to place unlimited types of prints in the hangers and also match flawlessly. In just a few easy steps, you can make a set of your own. For an added bonus, I’m showing you how you can quickly and successfully clean up the glitter mess that’s left behind. What are we waiting for? It’s time to start creating!


|| Wooden Hangers || Gold Spray Paint || Gold Glitter || Glue || Paintbrush || Scotch-Brite™ 50% Stickier Lint Roller || Poster Board

Supplies to create glitter picture hangers - Within the Grove

The How-To:

Step 1: After gathering your supplies, spray paint each hanger gold. Make sure to get all of the sides. Allow them to fully dry before moving on to the next step.

Spray painting hangers gold - Within the Grove

Step 2: Place your hanger on a poster board and apply the glue using a paintbrush to the front of each wooden hanger. Apply enough glue to allow the glitter to stick.

Applying glitter to hangers using glue - Within the Grove

Step 3: Sprinkle the gold glitter on top of the glue covering the entire area.

Using glitter on hangers - Within the Grove

Sprinkling glitter onto a hanger - Within the Grove

Step 4: Shake off the excess glitter and allow the hangers to dry.

Gold glitter on hangers - Within the Grove

Step 5: Once the hangers are dry, apply a coat of glue on top of the glitter. This will seal the glitter and prevent it from continuously sprinkling off once they are hung. Don’t worry, the glue will dry clear.

Sealing glitter with a layer of glue - Within the Grove

Step 6: Once the glue has dried, place your favorite prints in the hangers and display them on your wall!

Glitter picture hangers - Within the Grove

Now, you’re probably wondering why you even started this project after seeing all the glitter that’s left behind. Don’t worry, I have a solution for you! Scotch-Brite™ Brand solves all of our glitter problems when using it in the home.

You know how walking through Target to grab just one item turns into grabbing several? After picking up my wooden hangers, I noticed the 8″ Scotch-Brite Lint Roller as I started browsing even more. It’s huge and has the best handle. I knew this would be perfect to pick up the glitter because let’s face it, the vacuum is a pain to get out sometimes. I even picked up the 4.8″ lint roller as a back up. Here’s exactly where you can find this product in Target:

Find Scotch-Brite in Target

For a reason to buy more, use this Target Cartwheel Offer for an extra 15% off from November 17th through December 3rd.

I’m so glad that I bought these two lint rollers! I’m telling you, as much as I love glitter, sometimes it’s my enemy. That gorgeous container you saw earlier in the post, well it ended up on the floor, face down! I told myself not to panic. Using the 8″ lint roller, I was able to get the glitter up and out of my carpet within minutes.

Getting glitter out of the carpet with Scotch-Brite lint roller.

Why this one? It’s perfect when cleaning up this much glitter in a large area. Glitter on the carpet? Lint roll it. Glitter all over your workspace? Lint roll it. Glitter somehow flew onto the curtain? Lint roll it! See how amazing this product is!? The Scotch-Brite 50% Sticker Lint Roller goes beyond your typical use of picking up lint and hair. For anyone trying a DIY project, it’s perfect for picking up fine and thick glitter within your home. With it being 50% stickier, it has no problem picking up the glittery mess. Forget the vacuum! Plus, this method is quicker and easier.

Getting glitter out of carpet.

After my cleaning spree, I noticed one more area the glitter attacked. Remember how I told you this is for my home office that’s also my guest bedroom? Well, this also happens to be where I complete most of my DIY projects including this one. After knocking and blowing off the extra glitter from the hangers, I guess I did my job a little too well. Glitter ended up on the bedspread out of all places.  Hello smaller lint roller! I was back in business after one quick swipe.

Using lint rollers on bedding.

Need more inspiration on how you can use your Scotch-Brite 50% Stickier Lint Rollers in your home? Come see how other bloggers are using their lint roller by clicking here.

Switching out prints in your home office - Within the Grove

I would love to see the hangers your create after following this DIY tutorial. There are so many color options and now you don’t have an excuse to not get the glitter out with such an easy clean up. What colors are you picking for your hangers? I would also love to know how you use a lint roller in your home. Head on down to the comments below to tell me all about it! Meanwhile, here’s a little more inspiration for you:

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