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December Wallpaper 2015 - Mistletoe. Like, now.

Someone pinch me!  Do we really only have 23 more days until Christmas?  I seriously need to start my Christmas shopping.  To help celebrate this festive time of year, I made an equally fun and festive December wallpaper just for you!  I placed a piece of mistletoe in my home for the first time ever, which then became the inspiration behind this month’s wallpaper.  Plus, it will add a little fun to your day by being able to instantly “hang” mistletoe over your head once it becomes the background image on your phone.  You only need to say these three words: “Mistletoe.  Like, now.”

Iphone 5 screen Mistletoe1440 x 900 Screen Mistletoe

Download the December wallpaper for your devices to help spread holiday cheer:

Computer OnlyComputer: 2560 x 1440
Computer: 1400 x 900
iPhone 5
iPhone 6

Have a suggestion for January’s wallpaper?  Let me know in the comments!

Design by Elizabeth Rishel of Within the Grove

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