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Naked Bar Soap Co

Recently I ventured over to College Park to spend an afternoon with the lovely ladies of Naked Bar Soap Co.  They reached out to me about their not so typical and amazing BYOB sessions.

BYOB = Blend Your Own Bar

Three amazing women (also known as the trifecta) combined their passions, talents, and comedic relief to bring you this wonderful company.  All soaps are made in their shop that have all natural ingredients that help heal, beautify, and bless your skin.  The fragrance alone from the essential oils and herbs had me hooked upon walking in.

All Natural Soaps at Naked Bar Soap Co

Their journey began after a trip to Africa where local villagers had beautiful, flawless skin.  The people they met had no idea their current age and didn’t even understand the term ‘age’.  People in their 60’s appeared to be in their 20’s because of the herbs and natural products they used from their environment on their skin. Hello to the beginning of the Naked Bar Soap Co!

College Park, FL small business

Products offered by Naked Bar Soap Co

By using natural oils {coconut, palm, and olive}, mixed generously with Shea and cocoa butter with hints of fresh herbs, you have one amazing bar of soap that’s all natural for your skin.  I can’t get over the transformation my skin has gone through since I started using their products!

Natural Soap

Naked Bar Soap Co offers the Blending Sessions that would make the perfect holiday gift!  You’re able to blend your own 1 1/2 pound bar of soap while adding marigold, lavender buds, and french clay just to name a few of the ingredients.  Each session takes anywhere from 60-90 minutes.  If you’re group is anything like mine was, you’ll laugh the whole time and take advantage of the 90 minutes of fun and educational knowledge gained.

Using flowers and herbs in soap

BYOB session at Naked Bar Soap Co

Naked Bar Soap Co allows you to blend your own bar of soap

For $40 a person it’s such a unique experience that your skin will thank you for!   All you have to do is show up and enjoy the process.  All of the supplies are provided to blend your own bar.

To create soap is therapy, not a craft, to adorn and bless your skin!  It also teaches you a lesson in patience.  Once your bar of soap is created, you have to wait 4-6 weeks to be able to put it to use.  I promise it’s well worth the suspense!   They have a session this weekend if you want to treat your best gal to an early Christmas present or take part in a unique experience!

Supplies provided for the BYOB Session

Maybe you don’t have time to create your own just yet.  Their shop in College Park also offers an abundance of all natural soaps, lotions, deodorant, and many other items. You also don’t want to miss out on their seasonal fragrances!

Naked Bar Soap


Salt Soap Bar

Accessories for Soap at Naked Bar Soap Co

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