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Neutral Christmas decor

I don’t know what I’m more giddy about: hosting our first Thanksgiving or decorating for Christmas.  It has been a family tradition ever since I was a little girl to put up our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving day.  A tradition that I continued ever since going off to college.   The past few weeks I have been pinning my little heart out, designing Christmas decor, and visiting my favorite DIY and home decor blogs to help get ready to decorate our home.  I started by brainstorming how to create a neutral Christmas mantel.

One of the first things you see upon walking into our home is our living room with the fire place on the far end, centered on the wall.  This year I want to make it ‘a beautiful sight’ by decorating it with rustic and geometric Christmas decor in neutral colors.  Some of these pieces can be purchased while others are a DIY project!  I’m so excited to attempt to put this clean and neutral look together while decorating for the Christmas season.

Creating a neutral Christmas Mantel

1. I love using reclaimed wood and wish I could find more of it! Create this joy sign by using reclaimed wood, paper mache letters, and following the tutorial by Kristi Murphy.

2. If I’ve told you this once, I’ve told you many times: I love gold and I love glitter.  So a neutral colored stocking with shimmery gold at the top?  I’ll take two please! Twenty Eight 12 has me smitten with their stockings.

3 and 4: I love that I can keep this wreath and deer head on display even after Christmas.  These items bring a touch of gold and greenery to the space.

5.  I can’t get my hands on brown paper bags fast enough!  The DIY Network is getting a high five from me after providing a tutorial on how to make a bay leaf garland using brown paper bags.

6.  I’ve been introducing new patterns through decor in my home and one of them being geometric shapes. By adding this Himmeli garland handmade by Me and She Studios, it gives my Christmas decor a unique touch.

7.  Living in Florida we rarely have to use our fire place.  But just in case, why not display our wood in a chic way? I love this idea by Bliss at Home.

8. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love the decor items by Flax and Wool Designs!  Their Christmas line will have you purchasing more than one item like this Happy Tonight Board.  I just might be speaking from experience.

9.  What’s better than the day you get to put up your Christmas tree?  The day you buy two miniature ones! Dreamy Whites has the dreamiest way of displaying greenery and now I just need to find two buckets and two little trees.

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