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House Plants to decorate your home with

I love indoor plants!  More importantly I love creating pots and plant stands for these said indoor plants.  It all started about a year ago when my neighbor came over for the first time to meet us. . .and to tell us our water pipe busted and the side yard was flooding.  Oh yeah, did I mention this was just a few hours before the party I was throwing for my husband’s birthday and guests from Nashville were arriving any minute?  Fast forward a week, the pipe was fixed by the generous and amazing neighbor, the party was a success, and we were sitting at our dining room table laughing with our new neighbors.  Upon their arrival the second time, Anne gave us a beautiful peace lily plant.  That is where my love affair for indoor plants began.

Finding the perfect spot for indoor plants

First off, let me tell you the peace lily is still alive! It’s safe to say that alone has boosted my confidence about getting other indoor plants.  I was recently smitten by the fiddle leaf fig that I noticed popping up all over Instagram.  Without hesitation, my husband and I were off to Lukas Nursery in search for the perfect one and came home with three.  Then of course my wheels started spinning for the perfect pots and plant stands that could also serve as home decor.

Lukas Nursery in Central Florida

After a successful trip to Home Depot and Old Time Pottery (where I found my amazing pots and basket), my visions were about to come to life!

Pots to use for indoor plants

Recently, I’ve been leaning towards a clean and neutral palette when it comes to colors for home decor. I’m secretively wanting to redo several parts of our home due to this new admission.  I will have to settle with mixing in neutral colors with new decor and projects for now.  I started off by spray painting all of my pots bright white {except for the basket}.

Spray painting pots white for a neutral look

Once they dried I planted the largest fiddle leaf fig tree in one of the pots and placed the pot in a wicker basket.  Instant excitement and fist pumping happened right away!  I love the look it gives the plant and my living room. I have moved it around a couple times and will probably continue to do so until I find the perfect spot for it.

Using a wicker basket to place indoor plants in.

The smaller fiddle leaf fig trees were also fun to play with. I knew I wanted a plant stand for these to give them a little more height. That’s where my husband s.  He immediately started playing around with his tools and built me this mid-century inspired plant stand.  I got to put my finishing touches on it by staining it a dark brown.

Build your own mid century plant stand

Here’s my blooper! Since this pot will not be sitting on the ground, I had to head back to Home Depot to buy two pots that retain the water at the bottom.  I won’t have to worry about water leaking all over the floor with this type of pot.  And oh dear, back to the nursery I go to find more plants to fill the extra pots.

Spray painting plant pots white.

The newly white pots fit perfectly in the plant stands and made the fiddle leaf fig a focal point!

DIY Mid century plant stand

I can’t wait to see these plants grow and fingers crossed they survive.  I’ve heard they are very finicky to keep alive.  Only time will tell!  Until then, I’ll keep enjoying them and the amazing detail they bring to our home!

Fiddle Leaf Fig plant

Indoor Plant stand

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    Love love love the white. I may do that. Old Time Pottery woohoo I love that place… everything on my lanai comes from that place. (:

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