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Creating a reading nook in a bay window.

Days off are the best!  They are full of promises:  no need for an alarm, morning coffee in PJ’s, writing a to-do list that’s inspiring to get done, grocery shopping at 10 am without the crowds rather than 5 in the evening, and having time to read!  Need I say more?  Our home has a lot of cozy little spots but my favorite one is in our guest bedroom.  We have a bay window that brings in beautiful day light throughout the day.  It’s the perfect spot for a reading nook.  Look at how much my decor daydream needs to come true after seeing the above picture:

Bay window in a guest bedroom turned into a reading nook

It provides gorgeous sunlight but needs a special touch.  Today’s Decor Daydreams is a collection of a few of my favorite items {a lot that support small shops} that would make the perfect reading nook in the bay window of our home. Although I currently enjoy it, these items would bring plenty of comfort and allow for even more time to get lost in a great book.

Items and Decor to create a reading nook in your home.

1. I’m all about placing greenery and plants anywhere and everywhere in our home.  These fiddle leaf figs are still surviving in my home!  I couldn’t pass up these hanging plants that would be simply gorgeous hanging from the bay window.

2.  I’ve recently fallen in love with handwritten decor, items, and stationary.  I stumbled upon Parris Chic Boutique thanks to Instagram.  A husband and wife duo are killing it when it comes to home decor items created with custom handlettering that’s fun and beautiful.   This pillow will remind me to live simply and take in the small moments: like enjoying a reading nook.

3. Lately I have been swooning over the swiss cross pattern I’m seeing within home decor. It’s simple yet provides a strong and bold pattern in any room.  This swiss cross pillow  would be perfect for my window space and can easily be placed anywhere else in the home.  Plus, it supports my favorite pillow shop on etsy: The Blue Bird Shop. 

4. No matter what, curtains add softness and calmness in a room as soon as you hang them.  It would also give this space an actual “nook” feel. I love these classic canvas curtains that beautifully blends in with the other decor.

5. Hands down. My favorite candle.  Ever.  I was first introduced to Capri BLUE candles while visiting my husband’s hometown, St. Michaels, for the first time.  I instantly fell in love with their Volcano scent.  One always needs a candle while reading to set a calm atmosphere, right?

6. I wasn’t kidding when I said I love handlettering!  I also couldn’t pass up sharing another wonderful find by Parris Chic Boutique.  Coffee, reading, and naps sound like an all around perfect day.  That would make this coffee mug a necessity then!

7. Yes, another pillow because one needs a pillow oasis when snuggling up to read a great book.  Plus, remember, naps.  These polka dot pillows remind me of dalmatians and provide a fun, quirky, and feminine touch.   And yes, you guessed it, another favorite by The Blue Bird Shop.

8. Last, but certainly not least, is this table to have a place for the candle, coffee mug, and book.  It has two of my go-to decor rules: gold and geometric.

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