DIY // Wooden Cake Stand

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DIY Wooden Cake Stand

Hey y’all and happy January!  I’ve been a little selfish by enjoying this new year making new goals, organizing, and finally making some time for reading. I’m back this week with a new and fun DIY project for a cold weekend in.  I love throwing a low key, yet festive, get together.  It could be a mix and mingle for 20 people or maybe only 6, but either way you better believe dessert will be involved!  Sometimes a guest also brings a dessert along or you simply make more than what you need.  More the merrier, right?  But then comes displaying or setting out the dessert for all to share.  I have my go to cake stand but thought another one would be perfect to help display the desserts or appetizers.  Spending no more than $10 I created this wooden cake stand that you can also have party ready in no time!

Creating a wooden cake stand

Color Block Cake Stand

The best part is that you can paint and/or stain your cake stand to match your party theme. I went with a color block theme just like I did with my DIY Letter Tutorial by using a darker stain and white paint.  Even better?  I only spent about $10 on materials!

Here’s the how-to:


Wooden Circle ||  Small Wooden Container || Paintbrush || Foam Brush || Stain {I used Ash by Varathane}|| White Paint || Wood Glue || Painter’s Tape || Polycrylic  || Wood Wax

**I found my wooden circle and container at my local Jo-Ann Craft store.

Supplies needed to create a wooden cake stand

Step 1-  Apply the stain to the top side of the wooden circle, evenly covering the piece. Allow the stain to sit for one minute.  Wipe the excess stain off by using a paper towel.  Allow to dry for 1 hour.

Step 2- While the wooden circle is drying, paint your small wooden container a bright white.  Apply three coats while waiting at least 10 minutes between each coat.

Staining and painting a cake stand

Step 3- Once the stain has dried, flip the wooden circle over and stain the bottom side by repeating step 1.

Step 4- This next step is optional.  You may leave your wooden circle as a beautiful, stained piece, or you can go the route I did by adding a design to the top.  I used painter’s tape to create the crisp line.

Using painters tape to creat a crisp, white line

Creating a color block pattern on a cake stand

Step 5- Before piecing the cake stand together, apply 1 coat of polycrylic to the wooden circle to seal the stain and/or paint. You can also take to a step further by further applying a wood wax for a protective barrier with food.

Step 6- Once all pieces are dry, apply wood glue along the smallest side of the wooden container.

Using wood glue to piece together a wooden cake stand.

Step 7- Center the wooden circle on top of the wooden container.  You will want to apply pressure by pushing down carefully on the wood so that the wood glue successfully works.  Carefully place 2-3 heavy books on top to create the needed pressure.  Allow the wood glue to fully dry, about 1 hour.

Allow the wood glue to dry by also applying pressure by using books.

DIY Wooden Cake Stand to make for your next party.

You’re now party ready or excited to give a friend an amazing handmade gift!  I can’t wait to put mine on display during my next shin dig with friends and family.  Even better, I may try out a new dessert recipe to give me an excuse to use my new wooden cake stand this coming weekend!

Cake Stand to make for your home

Cake Stand for your next party with the DIY tutorial

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