DIY // Painted Color Block Letters

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DIY Painted Color Block Letters

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Life has an amazing way of placing beautiful people in your path.  I’m constantly amazed at the memories I create with those that surround me as I help celebrate their milestones in life.  My best gal and her husband recently moved into their new home.  They are planning a fabulous gallery wall that will display the letter “F” in different variations to represent their family name.  I knew then that I wanted to create a custom letter to give my bestie to add to her home!  In today’s DIY tutorial I’m showing you how to create your own painted color block letter for your home {or to give to your best gal}.

While creating this DIY tutorial, it also gave me another excuse {like I need one} to visit my local Target.  If you haven’t noticed, they have this inspiring Hand Made Modern arts and crafts section that made my crafting heart happy.  They have the perfect wooden letters to use for this DIY project!

Painted Color Block Letters

Here’s the how-to:

Wooden letter || Wax paper || Lacquer || White acrylic paint || Paintbrush || Foam brush || Paper towel || Painter’s tape || Stain

Colors used:
StainDark Walnut by Rust-Oleum  Acrylic Paint– Wedding Cake by Martha Stewart

Supplies to create your own color block letters.
Step 1: 
 Tear a section of wax paper and place on your work area.  This will provide an easy clean up and prevent your surface from being permanently stained.

Using wax paper for a DIY project for easy clean up.

Step 2: Using your foam brush, carefully dip the first inch of the brush in the stain.  Do not dip the entire brush because this can cause the foam brush to absorb too much stain.  As more stain is needed, simply dip the brush in the stain for needed amount.

Applying stain to a wooden letter.

Using a foam brush to apply stain to wooden letter.
Step 3:
Apply the stain to the front and sides of the letter by brushing in the same direction.

Step 4: Once the letter is fully covered with stain, allow the stain to sit on the letter for 2-3 minutes.  The longer the stain sits, the darker the results.

For darker results when staining a wooden letter, allow the stain to sit longer before wiping off the excess stain.

Step 5: Once you have waited your desired length of time, using a paper towel, wipe off the excess stain.  Wipe the stain off by rubbing the paper towel generously in the same direction.  This will also allow the natural grain to show through.  Discard the paper towel once this step is completed.

Wipe off excess stain to allow the natural grain to show.

Step 6: Allow your letter to dry for at least an hour before continuing to the next step.

Step 7: After the stain is fully dry, create your desired diagonal line on your letter by using the painter’s tape. This will help create the color block look.

Using painter's tape to add detail to a wooden letter when painting.

Creating a color block letter using stain and paint.

Step 8: Make sure to wrap the painter’s tape to the back of the letter.  This will help secure the painter’s tape.  Run a finger along the edge of the tape to fully seal the tape to the letter.

Wrap the painter's tape around the back of the wooden letter for added security.

Step 9: Using a paintbrush, apply the white acrylic paint to the right side of the painter’s tape (or the left).   Be very careful and don’t paint towards the painter’s tape as this can result in paint getting underneath the tape.  Paint away from the tape.

Paint away from the painter's tape when applying paint to the wooden letter.

Applying paint to make your own color block letter.

Step 10: Apply 2-3 coats of paint as needed.  Once you have painted your last coat, immediately and carefully peel off the painter’s tape.  This will prevent the paint from sticking to the tape and peeling half of your design off.

Peeling off the painters tape to create a clean line.

Step 11: After the paint is dry (about an hour), use the lacquer gloss spray paint to seal/protect the stain and paint.  Make sure to hold the spray 8-10 inches from the letter and do not over saturate with the lacquer.  This will cause runs throughout the letter.

Now you have a color block letter for your own gallery wall or to give as a thoughtful gift {and another reason to head to Target}.  I’m thinking about spelling out a word using DIY color block letters for my mantel this fall season!  I would love to see the ones you create.  Don’t forget to use #WTGtutorial when sharing on social media!

Simple DIY tutorial for painting color block letters.

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