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Laundry room storage idea for your home.

The laundry room – the room that’s often neglected for home decor and styling but is used quite frequently.   I happen to love our laundry room with how spacious it is and the natural light that comes in throughout the day.  You would think I would love to do laundry, but let’s be honest, it’s a struggle.  I realized not too long after we moved in that there’s a lack of storage for our laundry room essentials.  We certainly have the space and a great wall with limitless possibilities to build something which brings me to this post: Laundry Room Storage.

Creating a laundry room storage space with a blank canvas.

In our home we have a mixture of rustic, modern, and industrial designs.  Somehow we’ve made it all come together.  In our laundry room we eventually want to include industrial shelving that will also be a DIY project.   We already have industrial shelving in our master bathroom and love the design and appeal it adds.  What I’ve created today with some of my favorite items, is a unique space that will provide plenty of laundry storage while also adding an eye-appealing design.  After all, I think it will inspire me to be more excited about doing laundry!

Overall look for laundry room storage using shelving.

1.   Mixing a little rustic decor with industrial shelving softens the space.  This laundry sign by Weathered Ways is the perfect piece to do just that, especially by using reclaimed wood.   Simplicity often makes the biggest impact in a space.

2.  I am so excited to get my hands on this DIY project by customizing and building our own industrial shelves.  There aren’t many places I can place a huge shelving unit like this one pictured, so the laundry room it is!  Almost Makes Perfect Blog provides an easy to follow tutorial to build your own.  For more of an industrial look, this tutorial by Beneath My Heart is also a great one to follow.

3. Who says you can’t have candles in your laundry room?  My go to candles, Candelles, would be perfect! You can see some of my favorites so far on my IG.

4. These canisters that read “share”and “enjoy” found on Wayfair are meant for the kitchen, but they would be perfect for storing washing powder, pods, and other small items you keep in your laundry room.

5.  Placing indoor plants throughout the home creates such a calming and natural environment.  With all the sunlight that pours into my laundry room, I can’t go wrong with placing a few in here. Lauren Conrad has a great post on the easiest plants to grow and maintain indoors.

6. We all have items that need to be hung right after coming out of the washer.  I got this idea from Better Homes and Gardens with a wonderful laundry room they featured not too long ago.

7.  Wire baskets have pretty much become my go to when storing items out in the open throughout my home. It forces me to stay clean, organized, and I can visually see what I have in stock.  World Market offers an abundance of wire baskets (and wicker if you prefer something different).

8.  After looking around, hampers can be so expensive!  It’s shocking what some people will pay.  Therefore, I found a DIY tutorial to make this hamper by Thrifty and Chic that costs only $20 and offers plenty of storage for clothes.

9.  This would be a great place to store cleaning supplies for easy access when doing a quick clean up around the house. I love using J.R. Watkins products!

10. Finally, a rug would be a nice finishing touch and create comfort in the laundry room.  It would certainly make it feel very comfy after not having anything in this space!  Once again, Wayfair comes to the rescue with another home decor item.

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