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Rocksbox sends jewelry your way to try out, buy, or send back.

Whew!  Yesterday was one for the birds as far as Monday goes, but I have a little treat to share with you today that will make this week a little brighter. Upon stepping through the front door from work, my first thought is always checking what we got in the mail.  Our neighborhood maintains an old school feel by having mail dropped off through our front door.  That’s right. . . you won’t see mailboxes lining the streets. Well, what a great mail day it was!  My first Rocksbox was greeting me and just waiting for me to explore. They even greeted me by name.

Receiving Rocksbox in the mail for the first time.

Rocksbox personalizes their jewelry orders!

What’s that?  You haven’t heard of Rocksbox or have never given in to the temptation to give them a try? Oh my word. . what are you waiting for?!  Rocksbox is a rental jewelry service that gives you a personal stylist, sends jewelry your way monthly to try out, and gives you the option to buy.

Jewelry sent to your front door!I’m that gal wondering if I want studs or earrings that dangle. . . a dainty necklace or attempting to layer necklaces. .  or maybe I want a bracelet that is a statement piece.  I also walk circles around the jewelry section of a store debating what is in style, what will work for my style, and if I even like the jewelry available.  There have been too many times I have bought a piece of jewelry for a special occasion and end up only wearing it once or returning it because it ultimately doesn’t go with my outfit.  Not anymore!

Make a statement with statement jewelry pieces from Rocksbox.

Rocksbox is a monthly subscription where you fill out a survey on your personal jewelry style or styles you are interested in trying out.  Hello Shine Insider! You are then given a personal stylist that grants your wishes and sends fabulous jewelry your way to try out.  Basically, you get three pieces a month loaned to you.  Wear the pieces once or wear them daily.

3 jewelry pieces sent to me from Rocksbox.

Not impressed or swooned by the pieces sent to you?  Send them back with the pre-paid postage (can it get any easier??) to receive 3 new pieces.  You read that correctly! Return your pieces at anytime to receive 3 new pieces! Love what you received?  Purchase it right away and only return what you don’t want. You have unlimited access to rent jewelry. Rocksbox knows that you’ll fall in love with at least one piece of jewelry sent to you, so they give you a $10 credit per month to apply towards your purchase.  Did I mention free shipping both ways?  Hello!

Monthly subscription to jewelry through Rocksbox

As for me, I’m going to enjoy my dainty Kendra Scott necklace, my beautiful pendant necklace, and my drop earrings.  And as for you, you can too! Actually, you can enjoy your first month for free by using my special promo code: ELIZABETHBFF624 . . how can you say no to at least trying it out for a month?

Rocksbox is s monthly subscription service for jewelry.

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