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DIY Fall Wreath
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DIY Fall Wreath

I’ve waited for this day ever since Orlando’s first 95 degree day arrived at the beginning of the summer (and it’s still 95 degrees). As of today, it’s officially fall my friends! Although I’m not a PSL fan, I do drink a hot coffee like nobody’s business, bring out the fall colored clothing, and decorate my house while pretending it’s going to appear in Pottery Barn (who am I kidding?) this time of year. There’s something else that comes with this new season: a wreath for my front door. Call it the southern side of me, but you’ll always find a wreath adorning my front door welcoming guests, the mail carrier, and the bug guy that has come to spray the outside of our home.

DIY Fall Wreath

If wreaths aren’t your thing, then we need to chat and you need to keep reading this post. Because here’s the thing. I love a great, round wreath but sometimes I want something different for my front door other than the typical circular wreath. My goal with today’s DIY is to show you how you can create a wreath out of just about anything with a little creativity and have it serve as home decor when not on your front door.

For my farmhouse style fall wreath, I actually used a wall decor sign to transform it into a unique fall wreath that’s bound to give your porch a little character and be a conversation starter. Plus, the wording on this particular sign prepares your guests for what their about to walk into when it comes to your home. Here’s how you can create this fall wreath for your own home. 

DIY Fall Wreath that's also home decor.


A wooden sign (preferably one without wording at the top) || Floral wire || Fake flowers of your choice || Scissors || Command Strip || Staple Gun || Staples || Ribbon of choice 

How to Create a Fall Wreath - Within the Grove

The How-To:

Step 1: You’ll start off by creating the miniature floral wreath. Take your floral wire and cut it to your desired length. Repeat with a second strand. Holding the two strands together, you’ll form them into a circle while twisting the two ends together.

Create a floral wreath using floral wire - Within the Grove

Step 2: Cut strands of your flowers and attach them around the wire circle using a small piece of floral wire. Repeat this step until your circle is covered evenly with the flowers and greenery. 

Create a floral wreath using floral wire - Within the Grove

Create a floral wreath using floral wire - Within the Grove

Step 3: Attach the command strip to the top, center of your sign. Make sure that it’s secure and hang your floral wreath from the command strip.

DIY Fall Wreath - Within the Grove

Step 4: Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to hang from your front door. Flip your wooden sign over and stable the ribbon to the back.

DIY Fall WreathStep 5: Your new fall wreath is ready to be hung! 

Here’s a quick trick of the trade. I attach a large command hook upside down to the back of my front door. I tie the ribbon in a knot and hang it from this command strip and over to the front of my door. I love how a ribbon adds to the over all design to the wreath without seeing the bow from the outside.

DIY Fall Wreath that's also home decor. Can you believe how quick and easy it is to create this farmhouse styled wreath? It’s a great size, sure to be a conversation starter, and adds so much to any front door during this fall season. I’m a little obsessed with it! Plus, it’s versatile. When it’s not hanging on your door as a wreath, it can be displayed in your home throughout the year. I found this particular sign at my local Hobby Lobby during one of their 50% off sales. Now, get your besties together for a weekend full of wreath making that will also serve as home decor.

Fall Wreath

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