DIY // Painted Kitchen Utensils

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DIY Painted Utensils for your kitchen

Our kitchen was in need of a pop of color and what better way to accomplish that with something I use every day: cooking utensils.  I love the unique feel and vibrant splash of color painted utensils bring to a space.  Not only are they great for your own kitchen but they are fun to give to your friends at their housewarming party or simply because they rock and deserve a fab gift.

DIY Painted Kitchen Utensils for splash of color

Using my go-to paint in my favorite colors, my wooden utensils, and a few strips of painter’s tape, I have a new set of colorful utensils just waiting to be used in the kitchen!  In just a few easy steps, you can also have a set of your own to keep or give away.

Here’s the how-to:


Wooden Utensils || Craft Paint || Painter’s Tape || Paintbrush || Polycrylic

Optional: Baking rack

Materials-needed-to-paint-kitchen-utensilsI love to use Martha Stewart Satin Acrylic Paint colors.  You can find these at most craft stores.  I used the following colors: Wedding Cake, Beach Glass, Diving Board, Mermaid Teal, and Arrowhead

Martha-Stewart-Paints-for-an-Ombre-LookStep 1: Starting from the top of the handle, measure down 5 inches.  Make a tiny mark with a pencil.  This is where you will place the top of your painter’s tape.  You will only need about 3 inches of painters tape to wrap around each utensil.



Step 2: Make sure the painter’s tape is securely wrapped around each utensil and without bubbles by firmly pressing down with your fingers.

Create your own splash of color by painting kitchen utensils.

Step 3:  Using your chosen paint colors, apply the paint to each utensil handle.  Apply the paint by brushing away from the painter’s tape to avoid paint getting underneath the tape.

Martha Stewart Paint for Kitchen Utensils

DIY: Painting Kitchen Utensils

|| Tips ||

I used a baking rack to place my utensils on while they dried.  This allowed me to paint both sides at once and for a quicker drying time.

DIY Kitchen Utensils using Paint

Using a smaller paintbrush, you are able to paint inside the opening of the handle for seamless color throughout.

diy tutorial on painting utensils

Step 4: After the first coat is dry, apply a second coat.  Depending on your colors you may need to apply a third coat.

Step 5:  Once you have painted your last coat, immediately and carefully peel off the painter’ tape.  This will prevent the paint from sticking and peeling off with the paint when removed.

DIY Painted Kitchen Utensils

Step 6:  Allow the craft paint to fully dry.  Once dry, apply two coats of polycrylic to help protect the paint. Make sure to apply the polycrylic about half an inch past the paint to make sure the paint is fully covered and protected.

Sealing your painted kitchen utensils

It’s best to wash the utensils by hand to allow the paint to last longer.  I don’t recommend placing them in the dishwasher.  Tag me on Instagram using the #WTGtutorial if you give this DIY project a try!

Painted Kitchen Utensils DIY

DIY Painted Utensils

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