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Modern Calligraphy WorkshopLiving in Orlando was always a dream of mine that was made a reality almost 3 years ago.  It’s one of the best decisions my husband and I have made, especially for my creative side.  Everywhere you look there are workshops, Meet and Makes, and opportunities for constant growth for creatives like myself.  The only thing Orlando lacked was a calligraphy workshop.  I’ve noticed this type of workshop popping up all over the East Coast. Orlando finally joined in about a month ago when Jessa, the calligrapher and owner of Flax and Wool Designs, announced her upcoming modern calligraphy workshop in Winter Park.  Fast forward a few weeks and I’ve gained a few calligraphy besties and a new addiction as you can tell from the picture Jessa captured below.

Calligraphy workshop in Winter Park, FL by Flax and Wool Designs

Jessa has perfected the art of calligraphy and is such a wonderful instructor who guides and influences you to create your own style.  She knew exactly what to show us, how to fix our rookie errors in a fun way, and genuinely created a memorable experience.  She’s a successful small business owner that is excited to share her talent and passion, something you don’t see that often.

Jessa of Flax and Wool Designs

Jessa absolutely thought of everything.  We sipped our mimosas as we learned the calligraphy lingo {so we could at least talk like the pros}, practiced drills, wrote our ABC’s, and then attempted to create beautiful calligraphy.

Perfecting our skills at a calligraphy workshop.The best part?  All I had to do was show up with an open, creative mind once securing my spot.  Jessa took care of everything else in order for the attendees to be successful.  The paper, ink, writing utensils, extra goodies, and her Modern Calligraphy guide were beautifully set up as we walked into the space.

Modern Calligraphy WorkshopWe had an added bonus that was super sweet of Jessa to expose to us.  Not only did we explore writing with a pointed pen, but we also experimented with a paintbrush and sharpie for a brush and bullet style while writing in modern calligraphy.  Have I convinced you to attend one of her Modern Calligraphy workshops yet?

Calligraphy workshop by Flax and Wool Designs
If there’s a space that can get the creative juices flowing, Jessa found that exact space for her workshop! The space used for this workshop was the IZEA in Winter Park, FL.  All I have to say is WOW. . . literally.

Calligraphy Workshop held at Izea in Winter ParkHigh five to Jessa for finding the perfect space that seems to be a hidden gem in Orlando area.  I couldn’t get over our work area for the day!  It created a great vibe to learn calligraphy while having a blast at the same time.

Izea in Winter Park, FL

IZEA in Winter Park

Just a little tidbit about IZEA.  This is a company that links creative bloggers or social media content creators to brands.   To show how much they truly support the creative arts, they allow you to rent their amazing office space for your own workshops, which you see pictured, simply by donating a piece of your artwork.  Genius and another reason why I love Orlando.


If you haven’t done so already, go check out Flax and Wool Designs!  She has a swoon worthy Etsy shop where you can purchase items with her beautiful modern calligraphy.  If you’re in Central Florida or traveling here soon, I highly recommend keeping an eye out for one of her calligraphy workshops.  She has an upcoming event at West Elm Orlando, October 1st.  Find the details on her IG!  If there’s no way you can attend one in person, don’t worry, Jessa offers an online workshop: Intro to Modern Calligraphy.  She spoils you with this online course by mailing you a starter kit right to your doorstep.  You don’t even have to leave the house.  Thank you Jessa for bringing your workshop to us, in person and online!

Flax and Wool Designs Etsy Shop

Images in collage via Flax and Wool Designs.

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    Hello my name is Count, I really want to learn to write better. I do write poems and want to write more elegantly. Please tell me more

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