Turning a Dresser into an Entertainment Center

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Turning a dresser into an entertainment centerUpon moving into our home we quickly realized that we could buy a new car with the money we wanted to spend on furniture.  With being first time homeowners we came with very little furniture and all of a sudden had an entire home to fill.  Of course, this would take place a little bit at a time.

The living room was our first priority because of it being the common living area.  I fell in love with an entertainment center at a local furniture store but it was going to set me back almost $3,000.  I quickly walked away from that piece of furniture while picking my jaw up off the floor after seeing the price tag.  That is when I decided to re-create what I saw in the furniture store by shopping my local thrift stores.

I had my mind set on finding a dresser that could easily be transformed into an entertainment center.  For $70 at a local thrift store, this was my steal of a deal:

DIY entertainment center using a dresserThere were several steps in creating the new entertainment center.  I removed all of the original handles, removed the drawers, and spent a lot of time sanding the entire dresser.  Once sanded, I applied Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in the colors of Duck Egg Blue and Old White.  This was the most stressful part.  There was not a pattern I was following or a certain direction when applying the paint.  I applied both paint colors scattered across the dresser and made it a point not to be too neat about it.

Painted entertainment center Once the paint dried I took a very light wood stain and applied it all over the dresser {even over the paint}.  I only allowed the stain to sit for about 1 minute.  I then wiped the excess stain with a rag.  This gave the paint and the dresser an overall aged look.

Entertainment Center HackI sealed the dresser with two coats of satin polycrylic so it would not have too much of a shine.  I then replaced all 12 handles for a more sleek and modern look.

New handles on entertainment centerAfter completing this project I spent no more than $150 total.  I am still thrilled with the outcome!  It is now a statement piece in our living room and the drawers provide ample amounts of storage!  I debated taking out the top two drawers to create an open space but ultimately decided not to.  I hope this inspires you to go and find a thrift store steal of a deal and create something unique for your home!

Living room with new entertainment center

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