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*This post is sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart. 

Hi, my friends! Today is the day that I finally get to reveal our garden seating area that I’ve been working on. And I’m SO excited for you to finally see it! About a month ago we started designing our dream garden and a lot of labor of love has gone into it since then.

We intentionally left a huge open space to the right of the raised garden boxes so we could create a seating area that would become an extension of our home. My goodness, was that the best decision ever! And you’re about to see exactly why I wish I could have each and every single one of you over to enjoy it with me. But first, let’s see where we started with this space. 

The Before

This corner of our yard used to be an area that we really didn’t pay any attention to until we had to cut the grass. Of course, that has now all changed starting with building more than enough raised garden beds, hauling 4 tons of gravel (so far) and shoveling 8 cubic yards of garden soil. And this, my friends, is where the transformation continues with creating an outdoor living space. 

I knew I wanted an outdoor seating area that allows us to enjoy more of our yard, to soak in our garden and to simply relax as a family while holding up to our Florida weather. Better Homes & Gardens recently released this year’s patio collection at Walmart and I knew I would find exactly what I needed.

Our Garden Seating Area Revealed 

Can you believe this is the same corner? And yes, this is where I’m currently writing this blog post because I’m soaking in every moment out here in our new outdoor living space! 

When shopping for our outdoor space there were three must-haves on my list:

  • Plenty of seating 
  • Creating an oasis with planters and pots
  • Lighting 

I was able to successfully cross all three of these things off my list, and more, with what I found by Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart at an affordable price point.

I kicked things off by adding this 5-piece wicker sectional sofa and dining set to my cart. I needed a sectional that went with the shape of the fence and the “L” shape of this one is perfect! Also, the clean lines and low profile of the design goes great with our overall design style. But most importantly, I know that it will last year round here in Florida with our weather since it’s wicker and the fact that it comes with covers. That was a huge selling point for me! 

The biggest debate in our home is adding throw pillows to a bed and a couch. I bet you can guess who is for them and who questions them. These outdoor pillows are amazing with their design and you know I love the black and white combo. They only intensified the cozy factor of this already comfortable sectional. I can see many naps happening out here this spring or lounging as we soak in the outdoors. 

And did you notice the dining table and two ottomans that come with the set? The ways to use this sectional set is endless. We can use the ottomans as extra seating, as a table for the sectional or to squeeze in more people around the dining table.

The dining table wasn’t something I originally had on my list for the garden area but now I can’t see our garden without it. I can’t wait for the day to eat a fresh lunch around the table with produce from our garden or entertaining friends as we use it to hold the drinks and appetizers.

There’s a hole in the middle to insert an umbrella which is a great option. Luckily for us, our seating area is full shade just about all day. If you’re looking for an umbrella for your space, this is a great option to go with this set!

Now, you know my love for gardening, plants and anything outside with landscaping. So it shouldn’t surprise you that I wanted to incorporate as many plants as possible with our new seating area. I couldn’t believe, not only the prices of the Better Homes & Gardens planters, but also the design of them along with being weather resistant. 

The depth, richness and design they bring to our garden area elevated the whole look. They’re absolutely gorgeous. Although I love them all, my favorite has to be the black and green planters

I was also very intentional with what I planted in them. With being in the garden I mixed boston ferns with herbs, an orange tree and a red lime tree. Not only will we be able to enjoy the beauty of all the plants but will be able to use them in our spring and summer dishes. 

Now, our garden party doesn’t have to stop once the sun starts setting. Even without electricity in the garden, I was able to add solar string lights to make it possible to beautifully light up our seating area. I built a few light posts to string them on and they’re just the right amount of brightness.

And there’s also these Rattan Lanterns that add texture, warmth and lighting with the battery operated candle included. Yes, my friends, these are by Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart

And I know, mix dusk with lighting, the bugs will come biting. That’s why I added two tabletop torches that are the most stylish ones that I have ever seen to help keep bugs away. I also added a serving tray that can turn the ottomans into a stable tabletop to place one on or to use to serve food and drinks.

Now that I’ve revealed the seating area, what do you think? I never thought we would have a garden like this, let alone an oasis of a seating area. But now I can’t imagine it any other way. I can go ahead and tell you it’s going to get used more than our actual living room after all the hard work we’re putting into it. And for fun, here’s one more before and after:

We still have so much more to finish in our garden area that I can’t wait to share with you. Meanwhile, if anything from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart caught your eye in my reveal, you might want to go look because these seasonal items tend to sell out fast! I’ve linked everything below.

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Brookbury Wicker Sectional Sofa Patio Dining Set
21″ x 21″ Black and White Stripe Pillow
21″ x 21″ Black Outdoor Pillow 
Rattan Lantern
Solar String Lights
8” Black and Green Planter
12” Black and Green Planter
Hand Painted Brown Ceramic Pot
19” Resin Cement Planter
6” White Planter
Tabletop Torch
Acacia Wood Serving Tray

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