What We’re Planting in Our Spring / Summer Garden

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It’s that exciting time of year where the seeds have been planted for our garden. I’m anxiously waiting for them to start sprouting and then hopefully thriving. Which also means I check on them several times a day. Because, well, plant mom. This year we have a brand new setup with growing our seeds. So far I’m loving our DIY grow light rack where I followed this tutorial by Urban Farmstead. It successfully holds more, easy to maintain, takes up less space, and can easily be located in a small, open space.

Why start indoors? Well, usually I get a bigger head start on my seeds in February. It’s a great way to get ahead even if it’s not quite ready (weather-wise) outside. This year, starting mid-March, I decided to still start my seeds indoors because I have a better success rate with growing seedlings. We’re also trying to currently catch an armadillo that’s causing a lot of damage in our yard and garden. Our seeds can start growing while we figure out how to keep our garden critter-free (for the most part).

And of course, I mapped all my seeds out! I marked the corner of each tray with a dot to know which is corner is the top corner that matches my paper chart. I also wrote the name of that vegetable/flower so I know which chart goes to that tray. There are several ways you could keep track but this is what’s easiest for me to know and refer to. I keep them on the top shelf so they’re always within reach.

I wrote this post about two years ago about how to plan and plant seeds for your own garden. I need to make a few updates to it but it’s a great place to start if you’re wanting to try seeds as well! Then there’s also this post giving an update at the beginning stage of one of our first cut flower garden. It’s pretty fun to look back on these!

Now, 2021 has brought A LOT of changes. We built our dream garden and one that’s going to be able to hold an abundance of vegetables, herbs, greenery, and cut flowers. It’s by far our biggest garden yet!

What We’re Planting


This year we tried to really focus on all the vegetables and herbs we know we’d often. In the past, we wanted to try our hand at growing a variety of vegetables because of the growing process. Although we gave a lot of vegetables away to our neighbors, we want what we know we’ll use in our summer dishes. So, here’s what we’ve decided to plant!

Variety of herbs
Jalapeno Peppers
Bush Beans
Purple Beans
Sweet 100 Tomatoes
Marzona Tomatoes
Pickling Cucumbers

Cut Flowers

Building, designing and creating a bigger garden this year had a lot to do with two things:

  1. Creating our dream garden that’s an oasis of a space. A space that creates a beautiful experience on it’s own.
  2. To finally have more room to plant my flowers. I’ve always gotten leftover space after all the vegetables were planted. Not this year! There’s room, plus more, for everything.

Now, get ready, because this my list of flowers is pretty dang long. These are all flowers that can be planted after the last frost and thrive during the summer. There might be a few I’m experimenting with since one garden box tends to get more shade than the others.


Pro Cut Red
Pro Cut Golden
Pro Cut White Nite
Velvet Queen
Super Hybrid


Unicorn Mix
Benary’s Giant Coral
Desert Sunset Mix
Queen Lime Orange
Little Flower Girl Mix
Giant Salmon Rose
Giant Double Enchantress
Double Violet Queen


Snow Puff
Apricot Lemonade
Cupcake White


Iceland Sherbet Mix
Shirley Poppy Pandora
Shirley Poppy Amazing Grey
Breadseed Poppy Peony Flowered Mix


Basil Cinnamon
Dark Opal
Ornamental Grass Feather Top
Ornamental Grass Frosted Explosion
Ornamental Grass Bunny Tails
Broomcorn Millet
Cress Green Dragon
Amaranth Autumn Touch
Amaranth Green Tails


Dahlia Bee’s Choice Mix

Various Other Flowers

Apricot Strawflowers
Snapdragon Sherbet Chantilly Mix
Sweet Pea Porlock
Pansy Majestic Giants Sherry
Pin Cushion Snow Maiden
Love-In-A-Mist Starry Night Mix
Black Eyed Susan – Chim Chiminee Mix
Marigold Starfire Mix
Marigold French Double Dwarf
Black Eye Susan White
Globe Amaranth Sunset Mix
Celosia Flamingo Feather
Celosia Pink Champagne
Statice Sunset Mix

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