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At the start of every new year it seems that everyone is cleaning out and de-cluttering their home. Fast forward to spring and it’s time to focus on spring cleaning, doing a little home improvement and giving your home the fresh start it deserves for the new season. With so much to do around the home, I’m excited to share a few ways that will save all of us time or put a pep in our step with spring cleaning.

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These products are game changers when it comes to maintaining a home not only for spring but year round, gets the whole family involved and provides less wear and tear for a part of your home (hello less clean up). All of it sounds amazing, right? My friends over at Babbleboxx sent these products my way for me to share with all of you. I”m excited to hear which one is your favorite so let’s dive in!

The New Way to Update Cabinets

One of the first projects I tackled when we moved into our home was painting our kitchen cabinets. I’m often asked what paint I used and how’s the wear and tear. I thought I was doing great with only having to do touch ups every 6 months. But now I can confidently show you something even better where the longevity of your paint will last without having to do a single touch up. I’m talking about N-Hance Wood Refinishing.

N-Hance is made specifically for cabinets which means you don’t want to try this on your walls. And here’s why: it provides a type of durability that gives a gorgeous, rock hard finish that begs to be tested. And that’s exactly what I did! I put N-hance up against a hammer, sandpaper and a penny meant to leave deep scratches. Here’s a video to show you exactly how this experiment went when I tested N-Hance against latex paint.

I was beyond thrilled with the results. I wish I knew about this product a year ago during our kitchen remodel. This is the type of durability and high quality finish you want on your cabinets. Plus, the application process of this acrylic-polyurethane blend gives you your kitchen back quickly so there’s little disruption. This is possible because of the ultraviolet light curing technology that N-Hance uses that gives an immediate, rock-hard finish. And don’t worry, the product is low in VOC where there’s little to no odor present when applying. This is certainly a smarter and healthier way to remodel a part of your home.

N-Hance also has the homeowner in mind with being able to color match any paint color so you can customize your cabinetry. At a much lower and more affordable cost compared to a traditional remodel, you can focus on other areas of your home that may need some updating this spring as well.

Spotless Floor At All Times

Now, I will be the first to admit that I need to vacuum more. I keep telling myself I’ll do a quick run of the vacuum every morning . What really happens? You can find me rushing out the door, working on a house project or saying I’ll get to it later. And this is where I tell you that the ECOVACS DEEBOT 600 is changing how we vacuum around here. In other words, this robot vacuum does all the work for us!

I’ve always been so intrigued by this type of vacuum so I was more than anxious to see how it did in our home. With our busy life around here, it certainly fits right in! If it’s me getting work done from home, running errands or simply spending time with family, the DEEBOT is behind the scenes cleaning our floors.

This is easily done with the click of the button on the remote. Or better yet, giving our Google Home Assistant the command: “DEEBOT, start cleaning.” It also works with Amazon’s Alexa. I don’t know about you, but I gave the voice command right away because that alone is an amazing feature. Even my toddler is asking the DEEBOT to clean.

But let’s step it up a notch. Say you’re out running errands when you get a text that a friend is going to drop by to say hello. Through the ECOVACS app, you can set your DEEBOT 600 to start cleaning while you’re on the way home. Or maybe you just want to arrive to a clean home after work.

Which also works great with the automatic charging. If the battery is getting low, DEEBOT automatically returns to the charging station on it’s own. No worries about trying to find your robot vacuum that died while not home. You can also press the home button on the remote if you want DEEBOT to finish it’s cycle early.

It’s amazing to watch it as it knows to slow down and shift direction as it nears a wall or as it lightly bumps into piece of furniture due to it’s obstacle detection technology. The DEEBOT 600 is also equipped with various cleaning modes and smart motion to know the difference between carpets and hardwood floors.

I can relax just a little bit because my floors are finally getting vacuumed every other morning since I can schedule cleanings set to my schedule and custom times. Do I dare say it’s the best robot vacuum? For us it is! You can find the ECOVACS DEEBOT 600 online at multiple retailers where you can find a link to your favorite over on ECOVACS.

The Dishwand You Need

The last product I want to share with you is my favorite way to get my toddler involved with spring cleaning. When it comes to dishes, we clean them on a daily basis. But what about really scrubbing all of your cookware? I feel very motivated check this off my spring cleaning list since I now have the The Scrub Daisy® dishwand system from Scrub Daddy. What I appreciate about this cleaning tool is that it comes with not only a holder but with three interchangeable cleaning heads.

It doesn’t matter what you need to tackle, this sophisticated dishwand system can handle the job. Simply add dish soap to the wand, twist on a cleaning head to get the job done and clean away! Each head incorporates three exclusive materials to make sure the best cleaning possible happens. Those materials are the FlexTexture® to scrub, ResoFoam® for suds and their latest innovation, ArmorTec®, to scour. Even with this cleaning power, they’ll leave surfaces shiny and clear of any scratches while also resisting any odors.

When not in use, the The Scrub Daisy® sits in the vase where the additional cleaning heads can also be stored. Any excess water or suds from the wand are conveniently drained into the vase so there isn’t an additional mess to clean up. It’s pretty enough to display on right next to your sink versus under. My toddler has even gotten the hang of it. He asks to help every time he sees me reach for the dishwand. I wonder how long this will last.

And just for being here, you can receive $1 off any Scrub Daddy product. Just click the link and you’re well on your way to savings and a new way to clean your dishes.

So, there you have it! Three products that are changing the way I approach spring cleaning this year. Combined, they are bringing a little fun, saving a little time and helping to create less wear and tear in our home. Which one is a must have on your spring cleaning list? Let me know in the comments below or tag me if you share on social media!

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