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DIY Greeting Card Display Wall

Little home projects simply make my heart happy.  Today’s home project on my greeting card display is one of them!  Ryan and I recently emptied out my home office to start transforming it into the nursery.  Exciting, I know!  We moved my home office to our graciously large guest bedroom in the front of our home.  I’ve since questioned why I didn’t do this from the start with all of the natural light that floods the room all day.  Needless to say by the end of the move I was amazed at my skills of “hiding” the abundance of materials and supplies I’d bought over the past year and how they weren’t overflowing through the closest wall.

DIY Greeting Card Display

After a lot of organizing, online yard selling, and wishing I could have a glass of wine to ease the stress of the chaotic mess, I did stumble upon one little fantastic discovery: I’m a greeting card hoarder.  Yes, something I couldn’t be prouder of.  I love snail mail, receiving a hand written letter, and giving friends and family a surprise card when they need it the most.  Only one problem, all of the cards were sadly shoved into a box where I couldn’t see them.  Whenever I need one, the box explodes all of the floor and I have a huge mess to clean up.  My solution?  Build a custom greeting card display wall.  Dreamy, right?

Home office with greeting card display wall

Want a greeting card display wall of your own?   Create one by giving up one of your afternoon’s and recruiting a friend with a few power tools if you don’t have any of your own.  Here are the easy steps:


White paint (I used a $2.50 white paint sample from Lowe’s)
Gold spray paint
Saw (A jigsaw will do the job also!)
Coarse sandpaper
Measuring tape
1/4″ straight shaft for the router
1″ x 2″ wooden boards (I bought 2 boards, 8 feet in length)
2 Corner braces per board

Step 1:  Cut your pieces of wood into 2 feet sections or longer depending on your wall.  I found this to be the perfect length.

Cutting your boards in 2 feet sections

Step 2: Using the router, create a straight groove down the entire length of the board.  I placed my grove down the center of the board.  Repeat for each board.

Using the router to create a groove in a piece of wood

Groove created by a router

Step 3: Using the coarse sandpaper, sand the edges and ends of each board.  You can also use a hand sander if you have one.

Sanding the boards for the greeting card wall.

Step 4: Paint all sides, including the grooves, white.  Allow the pieces to fully dry.  While the boards are drying, spray paint the corner braces gold.  Don’t forget to spray paint the screws also!  Tip:  If you’re using pieces of wood longer than 2 feet for your wall, you may need more than two corner braces per board.

Painting boards white for the greeting card wall

Step 5:  On the bottom of your board, measure 5 1/2 inches from each end and mark by drawing a line using a pencil.  Place the corner bracket on the inside on the line (closest to the end) and flushed with the back side of the board.  Tip: Make sure to place the brace on the board so that the piece going down will be flushed with the wall.  Otherwise, you won’t be able to hang it!

Attaching braces to the wood to hang from the wall.

Step 6: Evenly measure on your wall where you’ll be hanging the boards by marking in the circle where the screw will go.  I placed a 6 inch space between each board.  Tip: Don’t forget to not only have an even space between each board, but also make sure the boards are centered evenly on the wall.

Attaching the pieces of wood to the wall with the braces.

Step 7: The best part: fill your greeting card wall!

Greeting Card Display Wall for your office

I also make sure to snatch a great card whenever I find one.  If you’re looking for a great place to buy greeting cards, I’ve got three for you!

RIFLE PAPER Co. – I. Love. This. Store.  Rifle Paper is a stationary and lifestyle company that is based out of Winter Park, FL.  The artists that create these greeting cards know how to pull at my heart strings.  Good news?  You can buy online and find them internationally.

Paper Goat Post – If you live in Central Florida, this is a shop you’ve got to visit!  Paper Goat Post carries an abundance of greeting cards from local artists and beyond.

Target – Their One Spot is spot on for $1 blank cards.  They also come in a set of 8.  It makes the price even better.

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