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I’m all about gift giving and spoiling those around you.  Sometimes gifts that feed our cravings are more than perfect! Which is exactly why I’m sharing The Donut Hut with all of you as today’s WTG Shops with a DIY twist. A few weeks ago I found an event announcement that was like music to my ears.  The Donut Hut was opening across the street from my neighborhood.  I know, right??  Crazy exciting. . . crazy dangerous.

What drove me to the soft opening, literally, was the fact that this donut shop is a local small business and the thought that I was about to try a few scrumptious goodies. Not only are the donuts delicious but the owner, Chris, brings the extra small town charm to the experience.  He greets every customer as if he knows them personally and wants to make sure you leave happy and full.

Not convinced yet?  Just take a look at a few of my favorites including a DIY donut cake!

Apple Fritters


Chris looked at me as if I was missing out on the key to life when I told him I had never tried an apple fritter before.  Needless to say I was driving off with an apple fritter in hand a few minutes later.  The Donut Hut’s apple fritters are almost the size of a regular plate, like an over-sized cinnamon bun, and with yummy, gooey apple heaven in the middle.  It did not disappoint! Heat one up and serve it with ice cream.  Instant dessert! Have a brunch to head to?  Pick one up on the way to be the hit of the social gathering.


DIY Donut Cake


Theses donuts.  These glazed donuts.  The best glazed donuts I have tasted since leaving South Carolina. You’ll want to buy a dozen of these classic donuts so that you can share with everyone you know or to successfully indulge in a guilty pleasure.  You simply can’t stop at one.

Or if you’re like me, use the donuts to make a beautiful donut cake for your next party.  I created mine with a fresh flower twist that made these donuts an instant decor piece you almost didn’t want to eat.  As I said, almost.

close up

To create your own, simply stack your donuts on a cake stand to your desired width and height.  Cut the rose stems to a very short length and remove any excess leaves.  Place a few in the donut at the top and random spots around the cake.  Add accents pieces throughout the donut cake by using eucalyptus leaves. These are my favorite!  The key to decorating this type of cake is keeping it simple.


If you’re in the Central Florida area, I urge you to try out this gem of a place.  I promise you won’t regret it {ignore your thighs talking to you}.  If you’re not in the Central Florida area, bookmark this post for future reference for when you venture this way.  I’ll even join you!

Website: TheDonutHut.com
Instagram: The Donut Hut
Facebook: The Donut Hut Casselberry
Twitter: The Donut Hut

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