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This room has come a long way since the beginning of the year. A ton of changes to say the least. We finally added the finishing touch: our Hunter ceiling fan. We took the 90’s ceiling fan down back in March and it has taken us until now to install a new one. Why? Well, you could say we were waiting for the perfect ceiling fan for our front living room. Here’s where were started at the beginning of the year and where we are today:

Gone are the days where ceiling fans are viewed as an eye sore in a space. Hunter creates design models that fit your personal design style where the ceiling fan becomes part of your decor. That’s exactly what happened for us! We went with the 52″ Park View ceiling fan and couldn’t get it up fast enough! The three blade feature, matte black color and overall modern design was the perfect fit for us.

Enough about the design, I know what you’re really thinking: how’s the quality and functionality of it? Well, you won’t be disappointed! The Park View comes with a handheld remote where we can control the light, the 6 speed setting and the direction of the fan (this one got me really excited). It’s also a very innovative ceiling fan with it being Whisper Quiet and Wobble Free. And believe me, I tested it over and over. Not a wobble. Not a sound.

A few other things to note about this Hunter fan is that it’s damp-rated for covered patios and porches. That’s right! It can be used as an exterior fan as well with stainless steel hardware that resits rust. That’s music to my ears with us living in Florida if we ever decide to go with this model on our patio as well.

The light kit was also pre-installed and was the easiest part to connect. The light by the way, is AMAZING! It is dimmable to fit the mood of the room and bright enough for when you need extra lighting. The ceiling fan also comes with an installation manual that walks you through the entire install process. But if you aren’t comfortable with doing the installation yourself, please don’t hesitate to hire it out.

Alright, friends! I’ve spilled all my favorite things about our newest addition in our front living room, the Park View by Hunter. And I have something just for you! Use code WITHINTHEGROVE for 15% off when looking for the perfect Hunter fan for your home. Pretty awesome, right? You’ll have to let me know which fan you get for your home. Always love seeing what all of you are up to as well!

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  1. Cemre says:

    Amazing work. Especially woods on the wall are amazing.

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