Plans for an Outdoor Shower Wall with a Mural

Creating a custom wall mural using a blank wall.
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This summer we have certainly gotten a lot of use and created a lot of memories with our pool that was recently completed. Just like living with any. new space in your home, you realize a few things you want to add to help it function and work for your family a little bit better. We quickly realize a designated outdoor shower wall is something we want to add to our pool area. We have the perfect wall for it and will also be painting a mural to add a fun element to our outdoor space.

The completion of a pool build.

Why Add an Outdoor Shower?

You might be wondering why we want to add a shower we have a whole pool to jump in. We spend a lot of time in our yard, garden, and doing yard work in general. The option to quickly and easily rinse off any dirt and grime before heading inside is a great reason alone. But another reason is getting all the dirt and whatever else off before we jump in the pool. Just like when you’re headed off the beach, you rinse off all the sand before jumping in. Ironically enough, our “soil” where we live in Florida is basically beach sand.

Enjoying a pool during the summer.

Outdoor Shower Wall Plans

We’re going to keep installing a shower on this wall space as simple as possible. Since we don’t have any plumbing that runs behind this wall, we’ll installing an outdoor shower system that connects to a hose which will be our water source. We’re debating on two different types of shower systems. The first one is this black one that can be easily installed and goes with the black accents throughout our pool deck area and the pool.

The second choice is welding our own copper shower system. I’ve already ordered this shower head from Etsy (this was before debating the black one). Ryan will have to weld the pieces together which will be a first for him. Although I think the copper will be stunning on this wall, my hesitation is the maintenance of it and if it could possibly stain the limestone. We’ll have to make a decision soon.

Planning an outdoor shower wall.

Mural Wall Plans

I’m beyond excited to paint a mural on this wall to help define the shower area and for a surprising pop of color with our outdoor space. Wanting help with the design and having no idea where to even start, I hired Ashley of Sunshine and Bo to help me come up with a mural design. I went to her with the colors already in mind that I want to use.

Color palette for a wall mural.

I think it’s great to come up with a color palette first. One that you’re excited about and works with the colors you already have incorporated with your outdoor space. We have what I feel like is a blank canvas with our white and black exterior. And then of course the pops of green with the landscaping and the yellow of our umbrellas. I ultimately decided on a color palette of greens, rust oranges, and black. Bold neutrals is what I like to call them. These are the two concepts we ended up with. I think I’ll be blending parts of each design together into one.

Option 1 for a mural wall design for a shower wall.
Option 2 for a mural wall design for a shower wall.

Up Next for the Shower Wall

You can catch all the behind the scenes action over on Instagram as I go to tackle this outdoor shower wall. Painting the mural will be up first. Fingers crossed I can pull this off! And then of course the installation of the shower. We’re going out with a bang this summer with this super fun outdoor project!

Lounging around a pool.
  1. Sarah Kinkead says:

    I love the colors and both designs! I can’t wait to watch you bring this to life in stories!

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