Plans for Our Decorative AC Unit Cover + Storage

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As soon as the weather starts to warm up, we start planning our outdoor projects we want to tackle before it gets too hot with the summer heat and humidity quickly approaching. One of the main things we want to focus on this spring season is concealing our AC unit and getting our trash can out of the garage.

Our AC unit, due to it’s size, sticks out like a sore thumb on the side of our home. Our trash, well, you can only imagine how the trash smells sitting in a hot garage by the end of the week.We decided to tackle both of these problems with one solution: building an AC unit cover that also extends to another section to house the trash can. Here’s what the space currently looks like:

With the skinny ship lap walls only covering the front and left side of the unit, it will continue to extend to an enclosed storage section to the left. We’ll add rocks and pavers to the inside so that the trash can easily slide in and out. Doors will be added to the front and secured to prevent animals from getting the trash. More specifically the few bears that roams our neighborhood. We’ll also add a cut flower garden with herbs on top which I’m very excited about! Here’s the design board that’s inspiring the overall look and design we’re going for.

We plan to start and complete this project this weekend in hopes that it inspires others to give this project a try. Not only does it boost curb appeal but it’s also functional while helping us to solve a few problems. Keep an eye out next week for the reveal of this space + the full tutorial on how to build one of your own!

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  1. Amara says:

    Brilliant concept. Here in our area, i can see wonderful houses but none has incorporated this into their house. People should know that decoration is not what that is done in a already beautiful place but in a unsightly area like ac unit, garbage bins, etc. and i think with multicoloured polycarbonate sheets , we can transform these places into a major attraction.

  2. Livewall says:

    These are things that usually we don’t take in consideration. We don’t take the time to think that maybe we should cover something that is not very pretty in the eyes. But then I read articles like that and think to myself “look at the difference it made”!!

  3. Zoe Hunt says:

    We are always on the same project schedule! We’re doing an AC cover as soon as we put in our patio!

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