How Outdoor Storage Will Give You More Time for Gardening

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This post has been sponsored by Rubbermaid®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Right when the weather starts to warm up, which is February here in Florida, you can find us outside just about every morning, working in our yard. This can be anything from pulling weeds in our garden beds to planting new flowers or simply maintaining what’s already there. Every spring, we tend to add more landscaping to our yard. Which also means we have a lot of gardening tools, fertilizer and equipment that’s stored in the garage. Today, I’m sharing how one of the Rubbermaid® Outdoor Storage Sheds saved me time, organized our garden tools, and added to our outdoor living space. 

You see, I wasted so much time running back and forth to the garage—grabbing items I needed while working in the backyard. When time is already limited, the last thing I wanted to do was waste it by having to run back to grab my gloves, the bug spray, the hedger—you name it. So, enough was enough. I needed to make some changes. 

I had the perfect spot for the Rubbermaid Patio Chic™ Patio Cabinet that has more than enough room to store my gardening tools. Which means, my friends, I no longer have to go running back to the garage or even start in the garage as we work in the backyard. My tools and fertilizer are literally steps away. The patio cabinet is not only a functional storage solution but it also added a little more beauty to our outdoor patio space. Take a look at this before and after:

I think one of the biggest concerns when it comes to outdoor items is durability. Florida heat and weather can be pretty brutal, so I knew I needed something that can withstand the summer months ahead. This storage unit, which is only available on, is very durable, maintenance free, and can withstand all weather conditions when it comes to sun, rain, and snow. 

With the sturdy and spacious top to the cabinet, I was also able to freshen up my patio space even more by adding a container cut flower garden on top. That, mixed with the basket weave front and ship lap sides, beautifully compliments any patio decor you pair with it. I’m sharing all of this with you because storage doesn’t have to be an eyesore. It can blend beautifully with your other decor while also serving a purpose. 

And speaking of purpose, let’s take a look at the inside. I’m very excited to show you what I was able to fit inside of the patio cabinet (with room to spare) and how functional the Rubbermaid Patio Chic™ Patio Cabinet truly is. Inside, there’s an adjustable shelf that locks into place. I had to keep in mind that it can only hold up to 50 pounds. So, for the top shelf, I focused on items that I would personally use and need. For example, a knee pad, gloves, apron, watering can, boots, bug spray and several other items. 

For the bottom shelf, I placed my heavier items, which ended up being all the fertilizer, potting soil, and the large yard tools. Plus, by placing these items on the bottom, I don’t ever have to worry about fertilizer or dirt spilling out onto other items. And the cabinet itself will extend the life of everything since it protects it from outdoor weather conditions. 

Now, one of my biggest concerns, especially as a parent, is keeping my toddler safe from the gardening tools and fertilizer inside the cabinet. The doors can actually be locked for added security and to keep curious hands out by simply adding a lock. This was huge for me when incorporating this cabinet on the patio! And I must say, even without the lock, the doors close securely enough that my little one isn’t strong enough to open them. At least not yet. But the lock makes it to where he 100% can’t get into the gardening supplies and tools. 

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about this new space on our patio. It makes it so easy to get outside and start gardening right away without wasting any time. Plus, it has given us more space in our garage. And in addition to saving time, Florida is known for thunderstorms happening at any point during the day—almost on a daily basis. We’re able to quickly place our gardening items in the cabinet as we run inside through the patio door. As you can see, there are so many benefits of having this Rubbermaid Patio Chic™ Patio Cabinet for your outdoor space.  

And during the cooler months when gardening isn’t possible, I plan on switching out everything in the cabinet. The gardening items will go back in the garage and the cabinet will store our winter gear. I’m talking about blankets, fire pit accessories, and anything else that will allow us to still enjoy the outdoors with the crisp, cool air. It truly is a versatile cabinet that we can use year-round. 

Like I said before, you can find this cabinet at Walmart. But remember, it’s online only. Shipping is quick and it comes securely packaged. You have to put it together, but it’s fairly simple to assemble! Check out Rubbermaid’s full line of Sheds and Deck Boxes on and use Promo Code Rubbermaid19 to save 10% on select SKUs for a limited time.  We’re looking forward to having more time getting landscaping done in our yard this spring and summer, all thanks to now having extra storage on our patio for all of our gardening needs. 

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