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Now that we’ve shared the news that we’re getting a cement pool installed, it’s time for us to share the pool plans and design! As we went into the design process with our pool company, we kept the overall decking layout (for the most part) that Yardzen created which you can see here. We ended up changing the size, shape, and layout of the pool along with removing the rest of the screens along the right side. Here’s what we designed! This only shows the overall design of the pool and pool area. What you don’t see is the tile, decking and the interior pool finishing/color details. I’ll get to that in a second!

Pool Plans

The number one thing I knew I wanted was a Baja shelf. It’s an area of a pool that is shallow for lounging and play. We’ll be placing ledge loungers in ours so we can relax and it will be an awesome area for Oliver as well.

We also placed a “pool bench” on the furthest end. A bench is mandatory somewhere in the deep end as a way for someone to easily climb out of the pool if they need to. We decided to make it the width of the pool. As far as size, the the main area of the pool will be 15′ x 30′. The shallow end will be 3 1/2 feet and it will go to 5 1/2 feet. The Baja shelf and stair area is 6′ x 20′.

Inspiration for Our Design

Now let’s chat about the design details of the pool! It’s something that isn’t shown in the renderings except for the color of the decking. We went into the design studio knowing exactly the look we wanted. Here are a few of the pools we referenced when designing our own. We’re wanting a modern, tropical oasis.

This pool by Root Design Company hits all the marks! Darker pool, green oasis behind it, and the decking.

Darker pool with greenery behind it found HGTV with photography by Ciro Coelho Photography.

Found this on Pinterest that perfectly balances a darker pool with birds of paradise for that tropical vibe.

Colors + Finishing Details

For the decking we went with limestone in Myra White. This will run around the pool and up to our home. Not only do we love the look of the limestone but it’s also one of the best stones you can place around a pool with it being mold and bacteria resistant. And when sealed properly, it will be resistant to stains and easily maintained. And the biggest thing, it isn’t slippery when wet.

For the tile around the pool, there were a lot blue tiles, stone, and beige to choose from. But there was one that immediately caught our eye which was a bronze tile that reads more of a slate black. We didn’t even hesitate to go with this choice and will be using a dark grout with it.

For the pool interior finish, we went with a darker color called plum. This is going to give our pool more of a lagoon look versus a bright, light blue. We want the overall aesthetic and look of the pool to flow with the rest of our yard. We want it to all work together as one space especially with the garden area behind it. This is the look that we’re going for with the pool but with our tile slightly lighter.

Image: Apartment Therapy

Screen or No Screen Enclosure?

With wanting everything to flow seamlessly in our backyard this is also why we aren’t installing a screen enclosure. Plus the sheer size of it in order to cover the entire pool area while connecting to our home would be insane. Our backyard would become a screen enclosure.

If you aren’t familiar with screen enclosures, they’re very common here in Florida. The main goal of them is to keep insects and bugs out and creates less maintenance with cleaning a pool. All things we’re willing to work around with the view we’re gaining, the overall aesthetic, and the amount of daylight we’re gaining in our home without. But also, for the simple fact we do not want a screen enclosure because we do not like them.

Type of Pool

As far as chlorine vs salt pool, it will be a chlorine pool but with a salt twist! Instead of pouring chlorine into our pool, we’ll be using a chlorine generator where chlorine is generated through the use of salt.

Pool Company

We interviewed a few different pool companies and ultimately went with Dreamscapes Pools and Spas for several reasons. We’ve had friends use them who had an amazing experience, their reviews online are great, the amazing quality with the pools they’ve completed, their level of professionalism, and their response time to our phone calls/emails. So far the experience with them as been amazing! They subcontract out the work and the crews that have shown up so far have been great! I’ll keep you posted.

Stay Tuned!

Total time from ground breaking to completing the pool + decking is 16 weeks. We broke ground about a week ago so we’re already one week in. I can’t wait to share this entire process with you! I’ll update you here on the blog. And for a behind the scenes look, head on over to Instagram! Stay tuned!

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    Just stunning! What a beautiful place you have!

  2. Cemre says:

    beautiful environment nests i love the stones and the pool the house is amazing views

  3. Cemre says:

    beautiful landscaping, the pool image looks great, a sweet home and garden environment

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