We’re Getting a Pool!

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What will be our biggest project of 2023 and the biggest project to date, we’re getting a pool installed! A year ago if you had told me I’d be sharing this news with you, I would say there is no way. It was never on our scope of home plans. We never thought it would be something we could do.

A few months ago I worked with Yardzen to help us design our backyard landscaping. I asked Ryan if we could include a pool in the plans since otherwise it would just be an open space. Figured, why not? It’s just a landscaping plan. My thought process was if a few years down the road we started thinking about a pool, it would already be a part of these plans vs revisiting new ones.

Maybe I was putting it out in the universe for this to be something that could possibly happen for us. Maybe it was me daydreaming. What I didn’t expect was it to immediately spark a conversation with Ryan with us having several conversations if we could really make this happen.

Then fast forward to October after a lot of conversations, budget review, and interviewing a few different pool companies, we were walking in to officially design our pool. I’ll never forget this moment:

So, friends, it’s happening!! We’re getting a pool! Living in Florida, we’re basically going to be living in our backyard now. After waiting two months for all of the permits to get approved and engineering plans in place, it looks like we’ll be breaking ground within the next week but not before we do a little demo ourselves. I’ll be sharing more of the pool details, the plan, the layout, the design, and everything else soon! I’m excited to share the whole process with you!

  1. Cemre says:

    landscaping and landscaping looks great I love things that are simple and beautiful like this

  2. Renee Rishel says:

    You guys deserve it! Your commitment to work and family is amazing!

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