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Happy 2020, my friends! 2019 was a huge year for us with making progress with our home. Although we still have a lot to do, it’s amazing looking back and seeing what we accomplished. You can check out our top projects of 2019 here. If you’ve been around here for a little while, you know we take our time with our projects. We create with intention and want to design spaces that are functional yet show off our home style.

So, here we are in 2020 and we’ve created another goal list for the projects we want to accomplish this year in our home. Some of these projects will be huge, some small and others we consider our wish list. In other words, if we get to them we d. If not, there’s always next year. Either way I am SO excited to share this list with you so you know what to look forward to this year!

Exterior of Our Home

This is going to be several projects that will help transform the exterior of our home. It has been a long time coming for a few of these things and I’m crossing my fingers we can make them happen. We plan to paint the exterior of our home (diy style), start replacing windows, fence in our backyard, and update our front porch area with a new door and flooring. The first thing that will probably happen is fencing in our backyard. The way our home sits, there are 4 homes that get a view into our backyard and it’s time to claim some privacy back!

New Flooring

This is going to be a BIG one!! I am thrilled to say that this year will be the year that the white tile throughout our entire home will be out of here. That’s right! We’re finally getting new flooring. Throughout our course of living here so many of you have asked if/when we’re going to replace it, if we could paint it, etc. I get it. It isn’t the prettiest tile and 2020 will be the year we say goodbye to it. I even have a few surprises up my sleeve with this project!

Fireplace Makeover

Our fireplace is in need of some attention. To be honest, we haven’t used it once but I feel like it’s an eyesore in our living room with black tile that covers it. We’re currently scheming some plans for it and can’t wait for demo day to give it a facelift!

Master and Guest Bedrooms

These two rooms will get some attention this year. Our master bedroom is almost complete but we need a new dresser and other ways to utilize the space better. Our guest bedroom will more than likely get an entire facelift. We made it over in 2018 but our style has changed so much now and I’m ready to tackle that room once again.

Playroom Closet

I’ve been daydreaming about Oliver’s playroom closet for the past two months now. I have this vision to turn it into an amazing reading nook, hang out spot, and a place for him to escape with his imagination. I can’t wait to get my thoughts on paper and share the design plans of this space with all of you. This is going to be a fun project!

Pantry Update

Our pantry is a very unique one with the way that it is shaped. We feel like the space is underutilized and want to change that! We’re thinking floating shelves, wallpaper, containers that beautifully organize everything, and possible a new door. Who knows! But this will be a fun project to complete as well.


The time has finally come for us to consider building a shed in our backyard to use a storage and a workshop. Our garage is getting crowded with all of our project materials, workspace, and the yard tools we store in there. Plus, it will give us a little more privacy in our backyard versus working out in our driveway. The plan is for Ryan to design the workshop on the inside and I get to design the outside including the landscaping around it. SO excited about this one!

Outdoor Living Space

You’ve seen a portion of our covered outdoor patio (which we love and use all the time). But we certainly don’t make the most of all the patio space we have. There’s portion that’s not covered but still screened it. I would love to make this area cozy, functional, a place to cook and hang out and just simply make it an extension our outdoor living space. I have so many ideas running through my mind!

Mini Kitchen Update

Eventually we want to demo our entire kitchen but this won’t be the year. So, for now, I want to install kitchen backsplash. We recently took down the peel and stick tiles and it left a huge mess. I felt slightly overwhelmed when that happened and took a step away from the kitchen. Now I think I’m ready to tackle it again and figure out what I’d like to do for the backsplash. I wouldn’t mind tile but I also don’t mind getting a little creative.

Garden Boxes

We used to have a little garden every year. But last year we opted not to because of all the other major house projects we had going on. But a lot of changes have happened with our family where we’re wanting to lead healthier lives and take advantage of being able to grow our own fruits and vegetables. We’re in the planning stages of creating our own little oasis of garden beds in our backyard. Working outside in our yard/garden is truly my happy place and I can’t wait!

Misc. Projects

Throughout the year there are a few smaller projects that I’d love to focus on if I have the time. For example, giving our entryway a refresh once the new flooring is installed. I’d also like to tackle our front living room which we haven’t focused on at all and turn that into a space that we will utilize more. As for the living space in the middle of our home, I can see us giving it a refresh especially after flipping the fire place.

Wish List

Now, if for some reason we dominate our home projects in lightening speed, there are a few more things I can add to our project list. I’d love to see all of our sliding glass doors go on the patio and replace them with French doors. The vision I have gets me so excited! I’d also love to see our breakfast nook get a makeover. I love it now but what I have going on in my head is really good too. So, we’ll see!

Whew! Well, my friends, that’s what we have planned for 2020. We will see all that we get done. Of course, things can change or we may have to make adjustments as the year goes on but it will be so good! I’m excited for you to follow along and hoping to teach you even more about flipping your home diy style. I’d love to hear what you have planned for 2020 when it comes to your home. Let me know in the comments!

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  1. beth says:

    I know you are currently planning to just paint your hinges and I totally support that but I just wanted to tell you how easy it was to change out my hinges. I left the doors on and just replaced one hinge at a time with the door still hanging. If you have heavy doors, you might need a second person to hold the door in position. Just be sure that the new hinges have exactly the same shape as the old ones and also the same screw hole conformation.

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