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What a year! 2019 was certainly one for getting out all the power tools, making our home a little bit more us and knocking out some of our favorite projects to date. Before we jump straight into the new year and new projects, here are the 10 most popular projects from 2019.

1. Utility Sink

This diy faux utility sink cabinet was the number one project for 2019! I was tired of looking at our utility sink that didn’t flow with the rest of our laundry room but on the other hand a new cabinet and/or sink was out of our budget. So we decided to build our own cabinet to cover the sink. There were a lot of inspirational designs out there but were too farmhouse for us. This was our spin on a custom cabinet made out of plywood and MDF board that turned out better than what we were hoping for!

2. Playroom Organization

This playroom organization project is worth to go look at just because of the before picture. If you have kids you know how hard it can be to organize toys. To do that and make it look good can be a challenge sometimes. This project was completed at the beginning of 2019. Now, a year later it still looks like this because it works so well! By utilizing this shelving unit and baskets, we were able to make our playroom functional and pretty. Two things that I always aim to do.

3. DIY Curtain Rod

This DIY curtain rod was a great feature to add to Oliver’s while adding a little character. And it looks like a lot of you loved it too! This project came out of wanting to add curtains but not wanting to overwhelm the space with 4 curtain panels and I honestly just didn’t want a traditional curtain rods in here. By designing this curtain wall to go wall to wall, I can also place the curtains on the outer side of the windows. Plus, the industrial look of the curtain rod adds a fun element to the space.

4. Faux Floating Shelves

I have to best honest, I was surprised these faux floating shelves weren’t the number one project for 2019. This is another one of those great before and after photo projects. Our closet in the laundry room was in desperate need of getting organized but I knew no matter how organized I got it, the white wire shelves would drive me crazy. Trying to make this an easy and budget friendly project, I decided to create faux shelves out of plywood and pine board that slid over the existing wire shelves. You’d never know right? I promise they’re still there.

5. AC Unit Cover and Trash Can Storage

This project was a lot of hard work but it was a blast to build from the ground up. Our AC Unit stuck out like a sore thumb on the side of our home and our trash can was stinking up our garage. Our solution was building this trash can storage area (where you see the doors) and covering the front of the AC unit. Probably my favorite outdoor project to date and looks like it yours too! A lot of you loved the modern twist on it, the functionality, and how it adds to curb appeal. The only hiccup we’ve had with it is a bear tearing into the side of it trying to get the trash. Luckily, the slats pulled off in once piece and repairing it only took 5 minutes.

6. Painted Laundry Room Floor

I’m not surprised at all that the painted laundry room floor project made the top 10 list for 2019. The transformation that paint created for the old beige tiles was incredible! To be honest, I had to pump myself up for this project. I knew it would be a lot of work and a lot of patience when it came to using the stencil. But it proved to be worth it! This isn’t a long term solution for us but the perfect solution for now. I’ve loved seeing your painted floors inspires by ours this past year!

7. Dining Room Reveal

Our dining room reveal made the list! This was our last big project of 2019 and it was long overdue. It took two years of living in our home to finally create this space. This project seemed to inspire a lot of you that a little paint and new decor can go a long way! This was also the first space we designed that had a slightly different look than the rest of the rooms in our home. Maybe that’s what got your attention as well!

8. Toddler Bedroom Makeover

Oliver’s toddler bedroom reveal grabbed your attention and snagged the number 8 spot for 2019. We’re still tweaking his space and some other changes may come about in 2020. His bedroom was so hard to makeover for two reasons: Oliver was no longer a baby and the nursery design was my favorite. The nursery was also the number one post on Instagram in 2019. But we’re thrilled with how his room turned out and the most important thing is that Oliver loves it. And apparently so do all of you!

9. DIY Plywood Desk

Our first big project of 2019 was building this office space for Ryan where we decided to build the desk. Built out of plywood with a simple design, many of you took to the blog to see how to build your own. Not only does it look great but it’s very budget friendly and didn’t take long to build. I can see why it’s a favorite among all of you.

10. Installing a Photo Ledge Without Power Tools

We talk a lot about power tools around here but this photo ledge that didn’t require power tools to install was a hit! Sometimes you just need a quick and simple project that we can all do in an afternoon. It makes me think of trying to find a few projects this year that don’t require power tools or at least using beginner tools that all of you probably already have.

There you have it! The top 10 posts of 2019. It was fun looking back on the year and seeing what all of you enjoyed the most. It certainly gets me excited about 2020 and the content that I’ll be creating for you. Get ready for more builds, more ways to decorate, and us having a lot of fun together! Is there a project that you loved that didn’t make the top 10? Let me know in the comments below!

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