Installing High and Mighty Floating Shelves (Without Power Tools!)

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of High & Mighty floating shelves. All opinions are 100% mine. Learn the ins and outs of installing High and Mighty Floating floating shelves – without power tools.

​​​​​​​Sometimes all you need is a quick DIY project to transform a space. And let’s be honest, sometimes that’s all you might have time for. Today I’m showing you how you can give a space a whole new look in under 30 minutes with no-drill floating shelves from High and Mighty. 

The quick DIY I’m about to share with you took place in a part of our living room that we had not paid any attention to. It was basically a couch and a lamp against a wall. Good news, a blank slate like this is the best to work with.

How to Install a Shelf on Drywall

Typically, if you want to install a shelf on drywall you need to locate the studs in the wall with a stud finder and then drill into the studs to attach a shelf bracket to the wall. If studs aren’t conveniently located, or if you want the shelf to hold particularly heavy items, you may also need to use drywall anchors.

Either way, installing a floating shelf pretty much always requires using power tools and drilling into your wall. This isn’t possible for renters, or for anyone who doesn’t own (or doesn’t feel comfortable using) power tools.

Thankfully, I found an easier way: truly easy-to-install, no-drill floating shelves! These shelves, from High and Mighty, come in a variety of sizes, styles, finishes and weight limits.

For the past two years I’ve wanted to install a photo ledge above our couch. With shorter ceilings in this part of our home, I needed something to make the room feel taller. What if I told you within 10 minutes I was able to install a photo ledge without power tools? It might sound too good to be true so I’m going to show you how this project was possible.

I used three floating wall shelves by High and Mighty that are 36 inches each in flat black. They come in a few different sizes but this worked best for our couch and wall. I was very intrigued by how these were going to work considering I didn’t even have to get out a drill.

High and Mighty Floating Shelf Installation

Each easy-to-install floating shelf came with everything that I needed which was found on the back of each one. There was a template, a level that’s attached to the template, and mounting hardware. That’s it!

Once I decided where I wanted to place them on the wall, each shelf was installed in under 3 minutes each. I do want to note that these High and Mighty floating shelves are for drywall only.

Ready to do your own High and Mighty floating shelf installation? Follow along with these simple steps for best results.

Step One: Attach the Floating Shelf Template to the Wall

I stuck the template on the wall where I wanted my floating shelf to hang. I made sure it was level by using the level that was attached to the template. This alone saved me so much time!  

Step Two: Attach the Mounting Hardware

Once I had the template in place, I attached the mounting hardware, called hangers. There were notches in the template on the ends and middle to show where I needed to insert the hardware. I found it easiest to place one thumb in the middle of the hardware and push one side of the hanger with the other thumb until it was securely pushed all the way into the wall. I then pushed on the other side. It was a little tough so I ended up using the palm of my hand to push it in.

Step Three: Attach the High and Mighty Floating Shelf

To attach the floating shelf, I lined it up with the hangers, flipped the shelf up, and then pushed it down to secure it on the hardware. Then it was only a matter of repeating these quick and easy steps with the remaining two floating shelves. Honestly, the trickiest part was spacing out each template so that the shelves would be installed practically touching to make it look like one floating shelf. I was able to install them seamlessly!

If you want to try some of these High & Mighty floating shelves in your home, you can find them on Amazon. There are many different styles, colors and finishes available, so you can find the perfect no-drill shelves for your room.

You can also hang them staggered, one above another, or use a single floating shelf. Imagine the possibilities, especially with the ease of installing them! With a toddler running around, this was the perfect afternoon project that had a huge impact. This project is also very renter-friendly or perfect for someone who may not have power tools on hand.

Styling High and Mighty Floating Shelves

Within 10 minutes I was displaying my artwork and photographs on my newly installed photo ledge. With a depth of 6 inches, I was a little nervous that these floating shelves would stick out too much.  That ended up not being the case and they are the perfect depth to allow me to easily layer my picture frames. Which, by the way, each floating shelf can hold up to 25 pounds.

I also spent another 10 minutes or so adding a little more decor to the space to highlight the new photo ledge. For example, the colors of the new pillows compliment the colors in the artwork and a little greenery was added throughout the space to balance everything out. And we can’t forget about the new lamp and side table. It’s all of these little things that helped to create a cohesive look while the photo ledge became the focal point of the space.   

Before it was a boring and cold space to sit. Now, not only does it feel cozy, but it also looks very inviting to anyone visiting our home. Not to mention a place we now want to spend more time in. Why didn’t I do this sooner? Here’s a before and after to show you how just 30 minutes of my time and a quick DIY project changed this space for the better!

Common Questions About High and Mighty Floating Shelves

How high off the floor should a floating shelf be?

There are a lot of different opinions about this online, but the general rules I follow are:

  • Hang floating shelves at eye level, or about four to five feet from the floor.
  • When you’re hanging floating shelves above furniture, I measure about 10 inches from the top of the desk or couch.
  • If you’re using open shelving over a kitchen counter, aim for a placement about 16 to 24 inches above the counter.

How do you remove a High and Mighty floating shelf?

Removing a High and Mighty floating shelf is just as easy as the installation – another reason these no-drill shelves have become a favorite of mine! To remove them, simply lift the shelf up and off of the brackets and then set aside.

Then, insert a flathead screwdriver between the bracket and the wall and carefully pry it away from the wall. They are designed to leave very little damage and typically leave behind four small holes in your drywall, which can be patched and repainted easily.

How do you install a floating shelf without drilling?

The key to installing a floating shelf without drilling comes down to High and Mighty’s unique drywall hanger. This hanger installs in just a few minutes and can be pushed into the wall with just your hands.

Install Your Own Floating Shelves Without Power Tools

My hope, as always, is that this inspires you to look at your own home in new ways. Maybe you have a blank wall that could use a photo ledge and artwork. Or maybe your bedroom needs a few smaller shelves to display a few pieces of decor. Either way, this project is quick and simple! And the best part? You won’t have to get out a single tool for these High & Mighty floating shelves.

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