Simplify Your Christmas Gift Wrapping

Simplify your Christmas Gift Wrapping
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Simplify your Christmas Gift Wrapping

Hey guys! I’m thrilled to be sharing this last holiday blog post with you but also a little sad that this beautiful holiday season is about to come to an end. I have truly enjoyed every moment of it but there hasn’t been enough time to do everything on my holiday list. Is there ever enough time? I didn’t think so.

One of my favorite parts about the holiday season is giving. I honestly believe when giving a gift, it begins with the gift wrapping. How one wraps and decorates a gift can be equally as special as what’s inside. This can actually be quite simple with gorgeous results. So today I’m sharing with you my secrets along with a quick DIY to help you beautifully simplify your gift wrapping this holiday season. Let’s jump right in!

Wrapping Paper

Christmas Gift Wrapping

Every year I pick out two different styles when it comes to wrapping paper but they’re both within the same color scheme or at least compliment each other. This year I went with a solid black and a buffalo check in black and white. It’s a little modern and classic thrown together and I love it! I always find the best wrapping paper at my local HomeGoods.

Ribbon and Accessories

Christmas Gift Wrapping

Just like the wrapping paper, pick out ribbon that compliments each other and the gift wrap. For example, I went with a ribbon with the black and white buffalo check pattern for the black wrapping paper and a solid green ribbon for the buffalo check wrapping paper. As far as accessories, find faux Christmas florals, bells, wooden tags, etc. to use on the presents as well.


Christmas Gift Wrapping

When it comes to attaching your ribbon and accessories, I like to layer. For example, I’ll use one ribbon on top of another. This year I also added bells on top of the ribbon for a festive look. I can’t help but smile when I hear them jingle. I also positioned the ribbon higher up on the present or more to the left or right versus the traditional look of right down the middle.

Handmade Elements

DIY Personalized Christmas Ornament

To make your gift truly stand out, you can attach handmade name tags or an ornament to the gift wrap. This year I used the cutest little ornaments to add a little holiday cheer to each gift. How adorable are these? I decided to create these ornaments after seeing one in the store for $35. I know, I know. I wouldn’t pay that for one ornament either. Which is why I’ve created the tutorial on how to make these! Don’t worry, you don’t need anything but spray paint, ornaments, and stickers. Here’s the quick how to.


Ornaments || Alphabet Stickers || Spray Paint || Skewers || Styrofoam

Create your own personalized ornaments

The How-To:

Step 1: Firmly apply the alphabet stickers to your ornaments. Make sure all the edges are securely pressed down so spray paint doesn’t get underneath.

Step 2: Remove the top of each ornament and place to the side.

Step 1: Remove the top on each ornament and place to the side.

Step 3: Stick the skewers in the Styrofoam and place an ornament on each one. This will allow you to paint all areas of the ornament without the worry of messing another side up.

Create your own personalized Christmas ornaments

Step 4: Lightly spray paint the ornaments. Stay at least a foot away to so that drip marks don’t occur. Apply a second coat after the first one dries.

Step 1: Remove the top on each ornament and place to the side.

Step 5: Allow the ornaments to fully dry and carefully remove the stickers to reveal the wording. Don’t forget to place the top of each ornament back on.

Christmas Gift Wrapping

Use these ornaments as a name tag or as a festive addition to each present with a holiday quote. My favorite? Fa la la has totally won me over! They also turn into a mini gift the recipient can keep to put on their tree. I’m all about a cute ornament. These are just a few ways that I keep my gift wrap simple yet pretty and cohesive. And by simple, I also mean quick and easy! Every year I pick a different color scheme for my presents but how I wrap them stays the same.

Christmas Home Decor

I absolutely loved ending this holiday series with this blog post. Within the past two weeks we’ve covered recipes for a holiday brunch, how to style a table, Christmas home decor, and now gift wrap so you can arrive to the brunch with a beautifully wrapped gift. This was all part of the styled holiday shoot in collaboration with Melissa Creates. You’ve got to head over to her blog post, Simple Modern Farmhouse Christmas, where she brings together all of her blog posts from this styled shoot. We each wrote different blog posts so you get so much from the both of us for this holiday season.  Thank you so much for joining us and Merry Christmas!

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