Updating our Dining Room with Legrand Switches and Outlets

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We recently revealed our dining room after it sat empty for two years. And it was one of the best feelings seeing it completed. Well, almost complete. We had one more thing left to do: switching out the old switches and outlets for updated ones. With amazing timing on our side, Legrand reached out about using their adorne Collection in this space and I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

We worked so hard designing our dining room and we wanted that to reflect in everything we did in the space even down to the tiniest details. The adorne Collection offers simple yet beautiful upgrades when it comes to switches and outlets. We started looking at what they had to offer and we were pleasantly surprised. Personally, I had no idea these types of switches and outlets were available. Let me share with you the ones we installed to give you an idea of what you can do in your home.

But first, shall we take a look at a before and after? Our switches and outlets are original to the home from over 25 years ago. Screws were tarnished, some missing, and there was paint on a few of the outlets. They worked great but in a desperate need of an update especially to go along with our renovations.


This was the first set of switches that we replaced with the adorne Collection by Legrand. The second we clicked the plate into place and took a step back, Ryan and I looked at each other and didn’t say anything for second. We didn’t realize the difference these new switches would make until we switched out the old for the new.

In the dining room we replaced the main switches with a Paddle Dimmer Switch. You have the option to dim the light and to power it on and off. I feel like this is a must in a dining room. You want the option to be able to dim the lighting according to the occasion or how you’re feeling. To left of the dimmer, we installed a sofTap Switch.

We actually installed a sofTap Switch for all of our switches in the dining room. With just the light tap of the finger, it will turn your lights on and off. It certainly upgrades the look of a standard switch. Plus, imagine the moment when I have my hands full of plates or drinks and I forgot to turn the light on. No problem, I can tap the switch with my elbow. Problem solved!

The outlets were all replaced with Pop-Out Outlet. I was probably the most excited about this outlet. It is hidden when not in use and with a simple push of your finger, the outlet pops out for you to use. There are actually three plugs on this outlet versus your traditional two. The outlets are rarely used in the dining room and this was the perfect solution to have access to them but allow them to disappear into the wall.

We also focused on Oliver’s room and the Playroom. Two rooms that we recently updated and needed the switches and outlets replaced as well. In Oliver’s room we opted to use a combination of a few different products. We placed a Pop-Out Outlet for the outlets that we don’t use as often just like the Dining room.

We used a Standard Outlet with the ones that are used often with the exception of one. To the left of the bed, we placed a Dual-USB Outlet. We can use the receptacles and the USB outlets to charge devices. Right now, this is perfect for Oliver’s tablet or any other toy that needs a USB to charge it. This is also saving a little bit of my sanity! I can’t tell you how many times a toy comes with a USB charger but doesn’t have the wall plug. I’m left scrambling trying to find one but not with this Dual-USB Outlet.

You’ll also notice that the outlets and wall plates on the green accent wall are a different color. We decided to go with wall plates in Graphite to help them blend into the wall. I’ve never tried dark outlets and wall plates before but also wondering why I haven’t tried them sooner! All of the other wall plates in the spacess are Powder White which is a very pretty matte off-white.

I know the concern with all parents and electrical outlets: children sticking something in the receptacles. The adorn Collection outlets have a patented shutter system that make the plugs tamper-resistant to keep children protected. This was another huge reason why I decided to use Legrand products in my home with a toddler running around.

As for the switches, we were very excited to install the Whisper Switch. This is a cross between a toggle and paddle switch for a unique look. Oliver loves them which makes them even better for his room. They’re easy for him to switch on and off and provide a very clean and sleek look.

The playroom used a combination of the Dual-USB Outlet, Standard Outlet, and Pop-Out Outlet for all of the same reasons as his bedroom. We did use the sofTap Switch in the playroom for all of the switches. The playroom is a pass through to our home office. With a little light shining in the middle of each switch, it makes it easy to find the switches as we’re walking through at night and giving them a quick tap to light our way.

Overall, we are beyond pleased with how the switches and outlets turned out with their sleek and modern look. Legrand is known for being a leading provider of designer switches and outlets and now I see why. They provide function, work specifically for our needs, and the perfect finishing touch to the three spaces. And did you notice they are screwless? A huge plus for me! And to be honest, we turn the switches on and off every time we walk by from our excitement. Who know these could bring so much joy.

If you’re wanting to replace your outlets and switches as well, installation was a breeze! It’s certainly a DIY but keep safety in mind with turning off the breakers and connecting the wires correctly.

Check out the adorne Collection where you can also browse the products we used and several that we didn’t. It’s as simple as picking out your outlet and switch and the wall plate you want to use. Now, I’m off to see which ones I want to replace next because it’s for sure the domino effect once you switch out one.

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  1. Jaclyn says:

    Goooooorgeous space!!!!! Thanks for all the amazing inspiration!! Do you mind sharing the color of the rug you chose? The amazon link has multiple color options—I love the tones in yours!!

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