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Surprise! We moved! We recently sold our 1st home and are proud owners of our new home. Well, at least new to us. This is our dream fixer upper, in an amazing neighborhood, and room for us to grow. There’s even room for my dream flower and produce garden. I’m beyond excited. BUT, we have a lot of work ahead of us. It was certainly bittersweet to walk out of our 1st home for the last time. It’s where we become a family of three and how Within the Grove started.

A part of me thinks we’re crazy for moving, starting over, and flipping a home with a little one that’s just beginning to crawl. But the truth is, I love our crazy. We knew we eventually wanted to sell our home but had no idea when. After noticing the real estate market was working in our favor to sale, we knew it was now or never. The market here in Central Florida was on the rise so we took it as our opportunity. 15 hours after our home was put on the market we had our first offer. I wasn’t even prepared. Complete shock and reality was setting in that we were really about to go on this new adventure. And we had nowhere to go.

Within a week and several homes later, we found our dream home. Chills went all over me as we entered the house. I gasped around each corner envisioning the things I could do to this home. We drove around the neighborhood, checked out the community, and discussed if transforming this home is something we can take on right now. Well, the answer? YES! After going back and forth a few times, the buyer accepted our offer.

We’ve realized what we use to be able to get done pre-baby is going to take much longer now. But that’s okay! It truly makes us enjoy the process and indulging in a little more coffee. Thank you for the grace you’ve shown me the past two weeks as we moved into our new home. Get ready for some great content and following us along as we make our new house a home!

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  1. Rebecca Lowe says:

    Congratulations and all the best wishes on your new home. Can’t wait for pictures. Don’t keep us waiting too Long. So excited for you.

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