DIY Succulent Garden Centerpiece

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This post is sponsored by Orchard Supply Hardware. Although I received compensation to share my experience, all thoughts are my own.

There are home improvement stores and then there’s Orchard Supply Hardware. If you’ve been following along with me over on Instagram, you know that I visit OSH as often as I can. With their oasis of a nursery, home improvement items, home decor, and paint, I feel right at home with my DIY loving self.

During my last visit, I wanted to grab a few garden and home improvement items to create the ultimate home decor piece to share with you. This is the perfect weekend project that will continue to give back in your home time and time again. Say hello to this gorgeous succulent garden centerpiece! It’s the perfect piece to add color and texture within your home decor.

Can you believe that the container is actually a bird feeder? But let’s not stop there. The pots aren’t really pots. They are PVC fittings! Seriously, we’re getting creative and budget friendly with this DIY project. Here’s everything you need and the how-to to create your own succulent garden centerpiece.


Bird Feeder|| Assortment of Succulents and Cacti ||Pebbles || Copper Metallic Spray Paint|| Drill || PVC Coupling Fittings in Various Sizes || 2 Copper Tube Straps|| 4 Small Screws 

The How-To:

Step 1: Place your PVC fittings on a box outside and apply the copper spray paint. Allow them to fully dry and apply a 2nd coat. You’ll also want to spray paint your screws so that they blend in with the copper handles. Stick them in the ground to spray paint the top. 

Step 2: Once everything has dried, attach the copper tube straps to sides of the bird feeder using the drill and screws.

Step 3: Place the PVC fittings in the bird feeder. I started with the tall ones in the back and ended with the shorter ones in the front. Play around with where you’d like them before adding the succulents. 

Step 4: Place the succulents and cacti in the PVC fittings. Make sure to fill the bottom of each one with dirt. I was able to use dirt from the bigger pots to help with this. 

Step 5: Fill the bottom of the bird feeder and around the PVC fittings with the pebbles for a finished look. 

The hardest part of this DIY project is either waiting for the spray paint to dry or attaching the handles. It’s a quick and easy project with gorgeous results. All of the supplies came from Orchard Supply Hardware which makes it even easier when you can gather your supplies in one place. Get your best gal friends together this weekend to make this ultimate succulent garden centerpiece. 

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  1. Diego Lopes says:

    Beautiful centerpiece, I wanna make one only with cacti for my living room. My favorites!

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