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Creating a Southern Wreath with Emmitt Workshops

It’s been awhile since I shared some amazing things happening in and around my community of Orlando.  As big of a place as Orlando may seem, it also has a small town charm through the people I’ve met, the small businesses that thrive here as they support others, and the opportunities to participate in workshops and events that create a beautiful and inspiring community. I can’t wait to share today’s inspirational workshop with you!

As you probably know I’m a fan of workshops where I can learn a new skill {or improve one} while chatting away with a few of my besties or making new ones. Not so long ago I attended Emmitt Workshops at my local West Elm to create a classic, southern wreath.  And yes, before you ask, a monogram on the cutest bow ever was involved.



Jordan of Jordan Emmitt hosted the workshop and did it flawlessly.  She’s actually a fellow creative that I met through other workshops here in the Orlando area.  Talk about a gal that brings laughter to a room, has limitless creativity, and just seems to do it all with a little southern charm added to the mix.  Not to mention she’s also an amazing photographer. Now you can only imagine the workshop she hosted!


There were beautiful flowers and eucalyptus leaves throughout the venue, a simple yet gorgeous set up, and inspiration everywhere I looked. Throughout the evening I spent time laughing with fellow creatives Melissa Creates and Asha of Bright Frame Films as we each created our wreaths, each with a a unique spin.




We enjoyed delicious snacks and drinks as the moss for the wreath was flying everywhere.  The fact that we had moss on our clothes, in our hair, and all over the table did not seem to matter.  It only made for a great wreath.


The evening went by fast as it always does but I left with a wreath that I’ve had hanging on my front door ever since.  I urge you to check out your local West Elm to find upcoming workshops.  You can also usually find information on local workshops through Eventbrite.  Lastly, word of mouth and social media is always one of the best ways you can find out how to support local creatives through their workshops.  Thank you Jordan of Emmitt Workshops for hosting such a fabulous evening!





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