DIY // Father’s Day Grilling Apron

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Father's Day Grilling Apron

We made it to Friday!  It was honestly one of those weeks that flew by quickly for me.  Which explains why I still have sticky notes spread across my work area of things to get done.  I’m going to continue to put them off because I want to share a cute DIY Father’s Day gift with you!  I’ve created the perfect apron for the Dad’s out there that love to grill.  There’s nothing more manly for some men than standing in front of a grill with a cold beverage in hand.

I recruited my very patient husband of mine to do a little modeling for this post. I must say, I love the apron on him and I think he felt a little GQ. And let’s be real, he got a beer out of it!

All up in your grill apron for Father's Day

Creating this apron that reads “All up in my grill” only took about 10 minutes to create from start to finish using transfer paper.  Don’t have time to make it for Father’s Day?  I’m already thinking of the guys in my family and circle of friends that I can gift this to for a birthday or as an awesome hostess gift.

You can see the full tutorial here on  In just 5 easy steps you’ll have a brand new, custom apron.  There’s also a how-to video and a link to where you can create your own custom design.  I hope you all enjoy the beautiful weekend ahead!

DIY Father's Day Grilling Apron

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