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Coffee Bar in the Kitchen using a dresser

A lot of big projects have been underway in our home that I simply can’t wait to share with you!  I’m sure you can guess one: the nursery.  The fun projects are taking a little while to complete because of demolition, cleaning out an entire room, and finalizing products.   But out of the beautiful mess we’re making, we also created a new, unexpected space: a kitchen coffee bar!

When we lived in Nashville, TN we attended an estate sale and found the perfect dresser to serve as our entertainment center.  Fast forward to our new home in Orlando and that same dresser was moved to my home office to hold all of my shipping supplies.  Hello new entertainment center for our living room. Well the story goes first comes Nashville, then comes Orlando, then comes a nursery for a baby! The dresser was out a spot again but I simply couldn’t part with it.

Since we never utilized the breakfast nook to it’s full potential, we broke down the table and placed the dresser perfectly against the wall to create our own Rishel Coffee Bar.   With a couple stools, a new “coffee bar”, the right coffee essentials, and a cozy nook we have the perfect space to brew coffee.

Using a dresser as a coffee bar

I’m a fanatic when it comes to coffee due to feeling invincible with a cup in hand while getting work done. And yes, the coffee struggle is real while expecting our first little one due to not being able to indulge.  Here are some of the decor pieces I’ve included in our coffee bar area to make it functional yet eye appealing at the same time.

Coffee Mug Rack

I used a glass drying rack as a way to hold my coffee mugs.  These are a few of my favorites and I love seeing them on display all the time.  Mugs can serve as decor pieces too!

Using a glass drying rack for coffee mugs.

Coffee Storage

I love the look of clear jars and the texture they bring to a space.  I used one for our K Cups and another one for grounded coffee.  It’s also a perfect way for guests to find what they’re looking for.

Glass Coffee Container

Glass Containter for K Cups

Extra Storage

I found these wooden boxes just a few days ago at Target for $8.  They were a steal!  I’ll be using them to store extra coffee, sugar, napkins, etc.  They hide the not so cute stuff but make the items easily accessible.

Extra coffee supplies in wooden containers

Store extra coffee supplies in a wooden container

Fresh Flowers

We’re always in the kitchen and the natural light that pours into this space makes for a great coffee nook. This is also one of the areas in our home where I make sure to always display flowers. I can’t get enough of Trader Joes and their abundance of fresh flowers at great prices!

Fresh flowers for your home

And I can’t keep going without showcasing my fiddle leaf fig tree.  It is ALIVE and GROWING!  I’m seriously one proud plant mama with this one. It’s doubled in height and grows a new leaf just about every week right now.  No idea why it decided to like me, but I’ll take it!

Fiddle Leaf Fig in Kitchen area

Chalkboard Sign

I saw this quote on Pinterest the other day and seriously laughed out loud.  It was meant for me and I knew it would be perfect for this space.  I’m constantly in fear of failing or not being enough {it’s a real struggle} but with coffee in hand, I feel as if I can accomplish hard tasks. This chalkboard is actually an old mirror I bought at Goodwill for $5.  A little Annie Sloan and chalkboard paint has transformed it into a vibrant chalkboard!

Coffee Bar Chalkboard Sign

Coffee Chalkboard Sign for your home

I’m still needing a neutral colored rug for the space and updated stools.  Until then, I’m pretty excited about the coffee bar space I created out of items from my home that beautifully came together.  Have a coffee bar space of your own? I would love to see your spin on how you serve and display your coffee.

Kitchen Coffee Bar Area

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  1. I ran into your blog this morning by accident and I’m in love! I’m enjoying everything I see. I really like this coffee bar idea, I think I’m gonna try it here. Thanks so much!

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