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Fresh flowers from The Bouqs Co

Sweet friends and sweet smelling flowers was what my week consisted of the past few weeks.  Today’s WTG shops was influenced by my amazing blogger friend and bestie, Melissa Creates.  After revealing our wonderful news with Melissa, I received a surprise delivery at work: fresh flowers from The Bouqs Co.  Best. Day. Ever. with these beauties!

I was even more thrilled when I saw where the Freesia flowers were from.  I’ve ordered from The Bouqs Co. before and I’ve never been disappointed!  I’ve got this thing for fresh flowers, especially all around my home. I’m here to tell you if you want a special arrangement for a friend or to spoil yourself {cheers to you just because}, look no further.  Seriously!

Freesia flowers by The Bouqs Co.

These flowers are farm fresh and fed from pure volcanic snow melt.  Yes! Volcanoes are involved with the beauty and color of their flowers.  Coolest thing ever.  The flowers are grown along the coast and are not cut until you order or the flowers are ready to be cut.  What does this mean?  Fresh flowers that last longer. When their well-known box arrives at your door step, the flowers were cut just 2-4 days prior.  You’re not getting flowers that have been sitting in a shop or warehouse for over a week.

Fresh delivered flowers

They pride themselves so much on freshness {as they should} that my first order was delayed by a few days because the flowers were simply not ready to be cut.  I got an email right away notifying me and get this: A $10 credit for my next order.  I can’t get enough of this company!  Here’s a peek at the Marshmallow bouquet I ordered:

Marshmallow Flowers by The Bouqs Co.

The flowers Melissa gave us arrived perfectly packaged and beautifully sealed in kraft paper.  Let me tell you, they were even beautiful all bundled up! Next up: arranging the flowers.  This has to be my favorite part after taking a seasonal flower arrangement course by Farm Gal Flowers with Melissa and Karen.  If you can’t make it to a local workshop in your area, here’s a great tutorial on flower arranging by Brit.co.

Flowers delivered by The Bouqs Co. without being damaged.

Flowers delievered within two days of being cut

After about 20 minutes of arranging and cutting the Freesias, it was time to put them on display.  One thing I learned about Freesias: they smell amazing!  They smell like fruity pebbles and I promise it’s not my pregnancy nose.  Ryan thought so too!  These flowers bloomed beautifully over the next couple of days.  I can’t say enough about this eco-friendly company.  They include shipping with their price, they don’t try to up sell you at check out, and they even have an app you can order from.  Time to get flowers delivered to your door ASAP!

Fresh flower arrangement for your home

Freesia Flower Arrangement

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