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Over a year ago I was thrilled to meet another creative here in Orlando and we happen to have the same name! Elizabeth is the artist behind the scenes of Bright Light Paper where she illustrates and paints amazing greeting cards. You all know that I’m a sucker for snail mail and sending amazing cards. Elizabeth’s style is unique, heartwarming, and also gives a local touch to those of us living here in Central Florida.

I recently snagged a few cards to place in the mail although I know I’ll be back for more. I’ve been begging Ryan for years for us to get bikes {still working on it} and then I saw this card. This Happy Holidays card with the adorable bike will be making it onto one of Ryan’s presents this Christmas as a little reminder.

Then I gush over anything that involves succulents and greenery. We always have a time where we need to uplift someone close to us and this is the perfect card to do just that! Look at how adorable it is!

Then Elizabeth did something simply amazing. When the Pulse shooting occurred here in Orlando, she immediately designed a card to honor the victims and The City Beautiful. All proceeds from these cards went straight to the victims. Yes, I told you, amazing! I certainly purchased my fair share of them.

Supporting a local small business where the owner is also highly involved in her community is something that I love. Elizabeth is constantly supporting other small businesses within her community and taking part and supporting others to make a difference. She sparkles throughout all of it too! Find out here why it’s so important for her to constanly sparkle but you might need to grab a tissue. 

So, the next time you need to send a special piece of snail mail to friend or loved one, head to Bright Light Paper! She has plenty of designs to choose from. Here’s how you can connect with Elizabeth of Bright Light Paper and purchase a few items for yourself:

Shop Bright Light Paper
Website: Bright Light Paper
Instagram: Bright Light Paper
Facebook: Bright Light Paper
Yelp: Bright Light Paper

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